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The meaning of Styling

Styling – definition


The way in which something is made, designed, or performed.

Usage examples:

The car's subtle european styling

Fashionable or stylish.

Usage examples:

A stylin' pair of black high-top trainers

Design or make in a particular form.


Designate with a particular name, description, or title.

Usage examples:

The official is styled principal and vice chancellor of the university

Styling translation into English

Styling: translate from English into Chinese

Translate styling into Chinese (Simplified)}
造型, 命名, 起名

Styling: translate from English into Dutch

Translate styling into Dutch}

Styling: translate from English into French

Translate styling into French}
Coiffant, Forme, Ligne, Coupe, Façon, Manière

Styling: translate from English into German

Translate styling into German}
Styling, Design, Machart

Styling: translate from English into Hindi

Translate styling into Hindi}

Styling: translate from English into Italian

Translate styling into Italian}
Messa in piega, Taglio

Styling: translate from English into Korean

Translate styling into Korean}
스타일링, ...의 칭호로 부르다, 일정한 양식에 맞추다, 유행에 맞추어 만들다

Styling: translate from English into Russian

Translate styling into Russian}
Стиль, Моделирование, Дизайн, Стайлинг, Стилистическая правка

Styling: translate from English into Spanish

Translate styling into Spanish}
Estilismo, Estilizar, Intitular

Word origin

Middle English (denoting a stylus, also a literary composition, an official title, or a characteristic manner of literary expression): from Old French stile, from Latin stilus . The verb date

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