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The meaning of Streamline

Streamline – definition


Design or provide with a form that presents very little resistance to a flow of air or water, increasing speed and ease of movement.

Usage examples:

Engineers can reduce a vehicle's fuel consumption by reducing its size and weight and by streamlini…

Make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

Usage examples:

The company streamlined its operations by removing whole layers of management

A line along which the flow of a moving fluid is least turbulent.

Usage examples:

The flow was largely laminar, and the streamlines remained remarkably coherent and showed little de…

(of fluid flow) free from turbulence.

Usage examples:

After the entire body is through the hole, maintain your streamline position and flatten out quickl…

Having a streamlined shape.

Usage examples:

A streamline aeroplane

To shape something so that it moves as easily as possible through air or water

Usage examples:

Designers streamlined the boat, hoping to improve its performance., the company streamlined its ope…

To make a business, process, activity, etc. simpler and more effective by reducing costs, the number of people involved in it, etc.

Usage examples:

Around 1% of the global workforce are being laid off as the group attempts to streamline its busine…

Streamline translation into English

Streamline: translate from English into Chinese

Translate streamline into Chinese (Simplified)}
精简, 流线型

Streamline: translate from English into Dutch

Translate streamline into Dutch}
Stroomlijnen, Stroomlijn, Gestroomlijnd

Streamline: translate from English into French

Translate streamline into French}
Rationaliser, Aérodynamique, Dégraisser, Ligne aérodynamique, Fuseler, Organiser

Streamline: translate from English into German

Translate streamline into German}
Rationalisieren, Eine stromlinienform geben

Streamline: translate from English into Hindi

Translate streamline into Hindi}
कारगर, सुवीही, प्रवाह की दिशा, सुवीही रूप, बहाव की तरफ़, सुप्रवाही बनाना, प्रवाहरेखा

Streamline: translate from English into Italian

Translate streamline into Italian}
Snellire, Linea aerodinamica

Streamline: translate from English into Korean

Translate streamline into Korean}
유선, 유선의, 유선형으로 하다

Streamline: translate from English into Russian

Translate streamline into Russian}
Рационализировать, Обтекаемый, Модернизировать, Упрощать, Обтекаемая форма, Речной рубеж, Линия обтекания, Линия воздушного потока, Направление воздушного потока, Придавать обтекаемую форму

Streamline: translate from English into Spanish

Translate streamline into Spanish}
Línea de corriente, Aerodinamizar, Coordinar

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