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The meaning of Stopped


Stopped – definition


(of an event, action, or process) come to an end; cease to happen.

Usage examples:

His laughter stopped as quickly as it had begun

Cause (an action, process, or event) to come to an end.

Usage examples:

This harassment has got to be stopped

Block or close up (a hole or leak).

Usage examples:

He tried to stop the hole with the heel of his boot

Be or behave in a particular way.

Usage examples:

‘why was she so?’ ‘i don't know, you know how dem old people stop.’

A cessation of movement or operation.

Usage examples:

All business came to a stop

A set of organ pipes of a particular tone and range of pitch.

Usage examples:

Specific ranks of pipes may be brought into and out of play by means of stops.

The effective diameter of a lens.

Usage examples:

When you go through the finished prints you will be able to see the results of 2 complete stops of …

Past simple and past participle of stop

Stopped translation into English

Stopped: translate from English into Chinese

Translate stopped into Chinese (Simplified)}
停止, 站, 阻止, 停, 停车, 制止, 止, 终止, 阻挡, 中止, 停顿, 罢, 停歇, 止住, 阻拦, 拦住, 住手, 休止, 站住, 停息, 断, 遏, 逗留, 住, 停摆, 收, 截, 止息, 戒, 阻击, 辍, 断绝, 沮, 卡, 歇, 收起, 锢, 已, 弭, 扎, 碍, 逗, 偃, 杜, 堨, 柅, 寝, 煞, 湮, 踯, 跱, 辍止, 羇泊

Stopped: translate from English into Dutch

Translate stopped into Dutch}
Gestopt, Stoppen, Ophouden, Tegenhouden, Stopzetten, Staken, Stilstaan, Uitscheiden, Stilhouden, Tot staan brengen, Versperren, Logeren

Stopped: translate from English into French

Translate stopped into French}
Arrêté, Arrêter, Cesser, Empêcher, Mettre fin, Stopper, Mettre un terme, Interrompre, Suspendre, Rester, Couper, Retenir, Supprimer, Boucher, Faire une halte, Obturer, Résilier, Battre, Se boucher, Hésiter, Loger, Embarrasser, Faire opposer à, S'arrêter

Stopped: translate from English into German

Translate stopped into German}
Gestoppt, Stoppen, Aufhören, Beenden, Anhalten, Halten, Verhindern, Aufhalten, Unterbrechen, Abbrechen, Unterbinden, Einstellen, Abstellen, Stehen bleiben, Lassen, Absetzen, Sperren, Stillen, Stillstehen, Hemmen, Ruhen, Stopfen, Unterlassen, Verstopfen, Ein ende setzen, Ausbleiben, Ein ende machen, Zu ende sein, Abbestellen, Kündigen, Sein lassen, Verhalten, Blocken, Streichen, Spachteln, Weggehen

Stopped: translate from English into Hindi

Translate stopped into Hindi}
रोका हुआ, रोक, रोकना, बंद करना, जकड़ना, रुकाव

Stopped: translate from English into Italian

Translate stopped into Italian}
Fermato, Fermare, Interrompere, Smettere, Fermarsi, Arrestare, Bloccare, Cessare, Sostare, Finire, Stoppare, Tamponare, Cancellare, Tappare, Mollare, Turare, Revocare, Fare una fermata

Stopped: translate from English into Korean

Translate stopped into Korean}
멈췄다, 서다, 그치다, 메우다, 멈추게 하다, 받아 막다, 말다, 그만두다, 중단하다, 방해하다, 음을 바꾸기 위하여 손가락으로 누르다, 음을 바꾸기 위하여 손가락으로 막다, ...에 스톱을 걸다, ...을 녹아웃시키다, ...에 구두점을 찍다, 숙박하다, 정류하다, 정지하다, 중지하다, 폐지하다

Stopped: translate from English into Russian

Translate stopped into Russian}
Остановился, Остановившийся

Stopped: translate from English into Spanish

Translate stopped into Spanish}
Detenido, Detener, Dejar, Parar, Suspender, Cesar, Pararse, Terminar, Bloquear, Cerrar, Tapar, Cegar, Hospedarse

Word origin

Old English (for)stoppian ‘block up (an aperture)’, of West Germanic origin; related to German stopfen, from late Latin stuppare ‘to stuff’.

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