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The meaning of Staunch


Staunch – definition


Very loyal and committed in attitude.

Usage examples:

A staunch supporter of the anti-nuclear lobby

(of a wall) of strong or firm construction.

Usage examples:

These staunch walls could withstand attack by cannon

Stop or restrict (a flow of blood) from a wound.

Usage examples:

He staunched the blood with whatever came to hand

Strongly loyal to a person, organization, or set of beliefs or opinions

Usage examples:

A staunch defender of free speech, she staunchly supports the party’s candidates., mike pressed har…

Always loyal in supporting a person, organization, or set of beliefs

Usage examples:

She has remained a staunch friend and ally., staunch supporter/defender he is a staunch supporter o…

Staunch translation into English

Staunch: translate from English into Chinese

Translate staunch into Chinese (Simplified)}
坚定, 坚强, 忠实, 顽强, 刚强, 忠, 忠诚的

Staunch: translate from English into Dutch

Translate staunch into Dutch}
Standvastig, Trouw, Sterk, Betrouwbaar, Hecht, Waterdicht, Luchtdicht

Staunch: translate from English into French

Translate staunch into French}
Étancher, Endiguer, Dévoué, Loyal, Inébranlable, Arrêter, Contenir, Constant

Staunch: translate from English into German

Translate staunch into German}
Stillen, Treu, Entschieden, Stramm, Zuverlässig, Überzeugt, Hemmen, Loyal, Stauen

Staunch: translate from English into Hindi

Translate staunch into Hindi}
निष्ठावान, कट्टर, दृढ़, पक्का, अटल

Staunch: translate from English into Italian

Translate staunch into Italian}
Fedele, Tamponare, Convinto, Leale, Devoto, Arrestare, Fidato

Staunch: translate from English into Korean

Translate staunch into Korean}
확고한, 물이 새지 않는

Staunch: translate from English into Russian

Translate staunch into Russian}
Стойкий, Верный, Твердый, Прочный, Лояльный, Непроницаемый, Основательный, Водонепроницаемый, Останавливать кровотечение

Staunch: translate from English into Spanish

Translate staunch into Spanish}
Firme, Restañar, Incondicional, Leal

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French estanchier, from the base of staunch1.

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