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The meaning of Spading


Spading – definition


Dig over (ground) with a spade.

Usage examples:

While spading the soil, i think of the flowers

A tool with a sharp-edged, typically rectangular, metal blade and a long handle, used for digging or cutting earth, sand, turf, etc.

Usage examples:

What may be a surprise is that the bottom of your foot hurts, bruised from stepping on the hard met…

One of the four suits in a conventional pack of playing cards, denoted by a black inverted heart-shaped figure with a small stalk.

Usage examples:

Because of the difference in score, clubs and diamonds are called the minor suits and hearts and sp…

A black person.

Spading translation into English

Spading: translate from English into Chinese

Translate spading into Chinese (Simplified)}
铲, 铲土

Spading: translate from English into Dutch

Translate spading into Dutch}
Spitten, Graven, Omspitten, Woelen

Spading: translate from English into French

Translate spading into French}
Bêcher, Pelleter

Spading: translate from English into German

Translate spading into German}

Spading: translate from English into Hindi

Translate spading into Hindi}
स्पैडिंग, कुदाल से खोदना, फावड़े से खोदना, कुदाली से खोदना

Spading: translate from English into Italian

Translate spading into Italian}
Vangatura, Vangare

Spading: translate from English into Korean

Translate spading into Korean}
스페이드, 삽으로 파다, 끌로 잘라내다

Spading: translate from English into Russian

Translate spading into Russian}
Лопата, Копать лопатой

Spading: translate from English into Spanish

Translate spading into Spanish}

Word origin

Old English spadu, spada, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch spade, German Spaten, also to Greek spathē ‘blade, paddle’.

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