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The meaning of Slander


Slander – definition


The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.

Usage examples:

He is suing the tv company for slander

Make false and damaging statements about (someone).

Usage examples:

They were accused of slandering the head of state

A false, spoken statement about someone which damages that person's reputation, or the making of such a statement

Usage examples:

[ u ] political campaigns are full of shameless slander., her statement was not meant to slander an…

Statements that someone makes about another person that are not true and that harm their reputation, or the crime of making these statements

Usage examples:

Where is the line between slander and free speech?, the group is suing van der wald for slander., a…

Slander translation into English

Slander: translate from English into Chinese

Translate slander into Chinese (Simplified)}
诽谤, 诋毁, 污蔑, 谗, 毁谤, 谤, 诋, 诽, 讪, 谮, 謷, 毁, 坏话, 訾, 谗害, 谤议

Slander: translate from English into Dutch

Translate slander into Dutch}
Laster, Belasteren, Lasteren, Achterklap, Kwaadspreken, Roddelen

Slander: translate from English into French

Translate slander into French}
Calomnie, Calomnier, Diffamation, Diffamer, Dire du mal de

Slander: translate from English into German

Translate slander into German}
Verleumdung, Verleumden, Beleidigung, Beschimpfen, Beleidigen, Beschimpfung

Slander: translate from English into Hindi

Translate slander into Hindi}
बदनामी, अपवाद, झूठी निंदा, अपयश, झूठी निंदा करना, प्रवाद, कलंक लगाना, अपयश फैलाना, अपमानवचन

Slander: translate from English into Italian

Translate slander into Italian}
Calunnia, Calunniare, Diffamare, Diffamazione, Maldicenza

Slander: translate from English into Korean

Translate slander into Korean}
중상, 훼방, 구두 명예 훼손, 헐다, 중상하다, 훼방하다

Slander: translate from English into Russian

Translate slander into Russian}
Клевета, Оклеветать, Клеветать, Злословие, Поклеп, Навет, Сплетни, Оболгать, Обсирать, Наговорить, Напраслина, Порочить репутацию, Лгать, Срать

Slander: translate from English into Spanish

Translate slander into Spanish}
Calumnia, Calumniar, Difamación, Infamar, Rajar, Decir mal de

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French esclandre, alteration of escandle, from late Latin scandalum (see scandal).

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