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The meaning of Shifted


Shifted – definition


Move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance.

Usage examples:

A team from the power company came to shift the cables away from the house

Change gear in a vehicle.

Usage examples:

She shifted down to fourth

Be evasive or indirect.

Usage examples:

They know not how to shift and rob as the old ones do

Kiss and engage in sexually stimulating activity with (someone)

Usage examples:

She had kissed or shifted him three months earlier at a house party

A slight change in position, direction, or tendency.

Usage examples:

A shift in public opinion

Each of two or more recurring periods in which different groups of workers do the same jobs in relay.

Usage examples:

Anne was on the night shift

A woman's straight unwaisted dress.

Usage examples:

Today she is wearing a simple shift dress and no make-up and the sight of her looking so ordinary a…

An ingenious or devious device or stratagem.

Usage examples:

The thousand shifts and devices of which hannibal was a master

A period of kissing and engaging in sexually stimulating activity with someone.

Usage examples:

From getting the shift to getting hitched, there is an app for everything these days

Past simple and past participle of shift

Usage examples:

She shifted (her weight) uneasily from one foot to the other., the wind is expected to shift (to th…

Shifted translation into English

Shifted: translate from English into Chinese

Translate shifted into Chinese (Simplified)}
转移, 移, 移动, 轮班, 变, 转, 调, 替换, 调动, 推, 挪动, 搬移, 贷, 搬, 迁, 挪, 罗, 委

Shifted: translate from English into Dutch

Translate shifted into Dutch}
Verschoven, Verschuiven, Verplaatsen, Veranderen, Verleggen, Verhalen, Wisselen, Zich verplaatsen, Omleggen, Overplaatsen, Verruilen, Omlopen, Van richting veranderen, Losraken

Shifted: translate from English into French

Translate shifted into French}
Décalé, Déplacer, Décaler, Changer, Transférer, Modifier, Se déplacer, Tourner, Bouger, Déménager, Remuer, Muter, Rejeter sur, Se débrouiller, Se relayer, Jeter un coup d'œil

Shifted: translate from English into German

Translate shifted into German}
Verschoben, Verschieben, Verlagern, Schalten, Wechseln, Bewegen, Verlegen, Versetzen, Umschalten, Sich verschieben, Drehen, Verrücken, Abschieben, Sich verlagern, Sich bewegen, Loswerden, Sich drehen, Räumen, Wegnehmen, Wegräumen, Flitzen, Rauskriegen, Loskriegen, Abkriegen, Verputzen, Schlucken, Umspringen, Abgehen

Shifted: translate from English into Hindi

Translate shifted into Hindi}
स्थानांतरित कर दिया, बदलना, अवस्था बदलना, स्थान बदलना, दूसरे स्थान को जाना, डिगाना, प्रबंध करना, हटाना

Shifted: translate from English into Italian

Translate shifted into Italian}
Spostato, Spostare, Cambiare, Spostarsi, Trasferire, Muoversi, Trasferirsi, Smuovere, Rimuovere, Cambiarsi

Shifted: translate from English into Korean

Translate shifted into Korean}
이동, 바꾸다, 바뀌다, 없애다, 속이다, 미루다, ...을 이동시키다, 전가하다, 방향을 바꾸다, 계통적으로 변화시키다, 처치하다, 방향이 달라지다, 이리저리 변통해서 해보다, 기어를 바꿔 넣다, 음이 변화하다, 가버리다

Shifted: translate from English into Russian

Translate shifted into Russian}
Сдвинутый, Сдвигать, Перекладывать, Менять, Перемещаться, Меняться, Перемещать, Переключать, Передавать, Изворачиваться, Передвигать, Переводить, Передвинуть, Передвигаться, Устранять, Ликвидировать, Ухищряться, Уплетать, Быстро есть, Переключать скорости, Спешить

Shifted: translate from English into Spanish

Translate shifted into Spanish}
Desplazado, Cambiar, Pasar, Desplazarse, Mover, Moverse, Trasladarse, Mudar de, Cambiar de sitio, Menear, Retrasar para, Adelantar, Quitarse de encima, Tergiversar

Word origin

Old English sciftan ‘arrange, divide, apportion’, of Germanic origin; related to German schichten ‘to layer, stratify’. A common Middle English sense ‘change, replace’ gave rise to shift (se

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