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Sequester – definition


Form a chelate or other stable compound with (an ion, atom, or molecule) so that it is no longer available for reactions.

Usage examples:

Non-precipitating water softeners use complex phosphates to sequester calcium and magnesium ions

Another term for sequestrate.

Usage examples:

Their property was sequestered by parliament

A general cut in government spending.

Usage examples:

If the budget deal hadn't gone through, there would have been a sequester of at least $100 billion

To keep the people on a jury (= group deciding a legal case) separate from everyone else, even from their families, while deciding a case

Usage examples:

The judge refused to have the jury sequestered.

To take temporary possession of someone's property until they have paid back the money that they borrowed in order to buy it, or until they have obeyed a court order

Usage examples:

You sign the acknowledgement of debt now and a few months later your property will be sequestered.,…

Sequester translation into English

Sequester: translate from English into Chinese

Translate sequester into Chinese (Simplified)}

Sequester: translate from English into Dutch

Translate sequester into Dutch}
Sekwestreren, Afzonderen, Beslag leggen op

Sequester: translate from English into French

Translate sequester into French}
Séquestrer, Isoler, Enfermer, Confisquer, Placer sous séquestre

Sequester: translate from English into German

Translate sequester into German}
Sequestrieren, Abkapseln

Sequester: translate from English into Hindi

Translate sequester into Hindi}
पृथक, एकांत में रहना, अलग करना, ज़ब्त करना, पृथक करना, अपने अधिकार में लेना

Sequester: translate from English into Italian

Translate sequester into Italian}
Sequestrare, Confiscare

Sequester: translate from English into Korean

Translate sequester into Korean}
격리, 격리하는 사람, 격리하다, 은퇴시키다, 은퇴하다, 가압류하다, 기권하다

Sequester: translate from English into Russian

Translate sequester into Russian}
Изолировать, Секвестр, Секвестровать, Конфисковать, Уединять, Мертвая часть кости

Sequester: translate from English into Spanish

Translate sequester into Spanish}
Secuestrar, Aislar, Embargar, Apoderarse de

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French sequestrer or late Latin sequestrare ‘commit for safekeeping’, from Latin sequester ‘trustee’.

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