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Sensitive – definition


Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.

Usage examples:

The new method of protein detection was more sensitive than earlier ones

Having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others' feelings.

Usage examples:

I pay tribute to the minister for his sensitive handling of the bill

Kept secret or with restrictions on disclosure to avoid endangering security.

Usage examples:

He was suspected of passing sensitive information to other countries

A person who is believed to respond to paranormal influences.

Usage examples:

Thus, the positive results demonstrated by the sensitives do not appear to have resulted from ubiqu…

Having or showing awareness and understanding, esp. of other people’s feelings and needs

Usage examples:

My experience made me very sensitive to the suffering of others., tom is extremely sensitive about …

Easily influenced or affected by something

Usage examples:

This sector is more likely to be more price sensitive than the domestic sector., economically sensi…

Sensitive translation into English

Sensitive: translate from English into Chinese

Translate sensitive into Chinese (Simplified)}
敏感的, 敏感, 识相, 灵敏的

Sensitive: translate from English into Dutch

Translate sensitive into Dutch}
Gevoelig, Fijngevoelig, Ontvankelijk, Teergevoelig, Receptief, Gevoels-

Sensitive: translate from English into French

Translate sensitive into French}
Sensible, Délicat, Sensitive, Susceptible, Impressionnable

Sensitive: translate from English into German

Translate sensitive into German}
Empfindlich, Einfühlsam, Sensibel, Sensitiv, Feinfühlig, Empfindsam, Gefühlvoll, Fein, Zart, Reizbar, Delikat, Erregbar

Sensitive: translate from English into Hindi

Translate sensitive into Hindi}
संवेदनशील, भावुक, सूक्ष्म, ग्रहणशील, तेज़, गुप्त, जल्द नाराज़ हो जानेवाला, अप्रसन्न हो जानेवाला

Sensitive: translate from English into Italian

Translate sensitive into Italian}
Sensibile, Delicato, Sensitivo, Suscettibile, Permaloso

Sensitive: translate from English into Korean

Translate sensitive into Korean}
예민한, 민감한, 미묘한, 느끼기 쉬운, 신경을 쓰는, 감수성이 예민한, 국가 기밀에 관련된, 변동하기 잘 하는, 주위의, 최면술에 걸리기 쉬운 사람

Sensitive: translate from English into Russian

Translate sensitive into Russian}
Чувствительный, Чуткий, Деликатный, Восприимчивый, Щекотливый, Впечатлительный, Точный, Обидчивый, Прецизионный, Медиум, Легко поддающийся раздражению, Телепат, Очень нежный

Sensitive: translate from English into Spanish

Translate sensitive into Spanish}
Sensible, Susceptible, Inestable en sistema

Word origin

late Middle English (in the sense ‘sensory’): from Old French sensitif, -ive or medieval Latin sensitivus, formed irregularly from Latin sentire ‘feel’. The current senses date from the early

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