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The meaning of Send out


Send out – definition


To cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place

phrasal verb

Produce, emit, or give out something.

Usage examples:

Radar signals were sent out in powerful pulses
phrasal verb

Dispatch items to a number of people.

Usage examples:

The company sent out written information about the stock
phrasal verb

To mail something

Usage examples:

Frank sent out about 400 invitations to his party., mom sent me out to weed the garden., the laser …
phrasal verb

To produce something in a way that causes it to spread out from a central point

Usage examples:

The equipment sent out a regular high-pitched signal., the marketing e-leaflets were sent out to al…
phrasal verb

To send something to a lot of different people, usually by post or email

Usage examples:

We sent out the wedding invitations about three weeks ago.

Send out translation into English

Send out: translate from English into Chinese

Translate send out into Chinese (Simplified)}
发出, 发送, 发, 散发, 颁, 播散, 堕, 射

Send out: translate from English into Dutch

Translate send out into Dutch}
Uitsturen, Uitzenden, Verspreiden, Rondsturen

Send out: translate from English into French

Translate send out into French}
Envoyer, Émettre

Send out: translate from English into German

Translate send out into German}
Aussenden, Verschicken, Hinausschicken, Ausstrahlen, Herausschicken, Abgeben, Ausstoßen

Send out: translate from English into Hindi

Translate send out into Hindi}

Send out: translate from English into Italian

Translate send out into Italian}
Spedito, Mandare, Emettere, Mandare fuori, Emanare

Send out: translate from English into Korean

Translate send out into Korean}

Send out: translate from English into Russian

Translate send out into Russian}
Отправить, Отправлять, Рассылать, Высылать, Испускать, Излучать, Выставлять, Выпускать ростки

Send out: translate from English into Spanish

Translate send out into Spanish}
Mandar, Emitir, Echar, Despedir

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