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The meaning of Senates


Senates – definition


The smaller upper assembly in the us, us states, france, and other countries.

Usage examples:

The senate must ratify any treaty with a two-thirds majority

The state council of the ancient roman republic and empire, which shared legislative power with the popular assemblies, administration with the magistrates, and judicial power with the knights.

Usage examples:

The senate, led by cicero, supported octavian, who defeated antony in 43 and took the consulship by…

The group of politicians who have the most power to make laws in a government

Usage examples:

The us senate has 100 members., he served in the state senate.

The name of the upper house (= more important of the two parts) of the parliaments of some countries, for example the us, australia, and france

Usage examples:

The law will not be passed by the senate.

Senates translation into English

Senates: translate from English into Chinese

Translate senates into Chinese (Simplified)}
参议院, 元老院

Senates: translate from English into Dutch

Translate senates into Dutch}
Senaten, Senaat

Senates: translate from English into French

Translate senates into French}
Sénats, Sénat, Conseil d'université

Senates: translate from English into German

Translate senates into German}
Senate, Senat

Senates: translate from English into Hindi

Translate senates into Hindi}
सीनेट, सिनेट, मंत्रिसभा, प्रबंधकारिणी समिति

Senates: translate from English into Italian

Translate senates into Italian}
Senati, Senato

Senates: translate from English into Korean

Translate senates into Korean}
상원, 원로원, 의회, 평의원회

Senates: translate from English into Russian

Translate senates into Russian}
Сенаты, Сенат, Совет в университете

Senates: translate from English into Spanish

Translate senates into Spanish}
Senados, Senado, Consejo

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French senat, from Latin senatus, from senex ‘old man’.

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