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The meaning of Scaffold

Scaffold – definition


A raised wooden platform used formerly for the public execution of criminals.

Usage examples:

They were all angling for a better view of a simple wooden scaffold bearing a lone noose, which dan…

A structure made using scaffolding.

Usage examples:

Scaffold boards

Attach scaffolding to (a building).

Usage examples:

They scaffolded the building, then removed the roof

A structure workers can stand on while working on a building, or a structure from which to hang (= kill by hanging from a rope around the neck) criminals sentenced to death

Scaffold translation into English

Scaffold: translate from English into Chinese

Translate scaffold into Chinese (Simplified)}
脚手架, 断头台

Scaffold: translate from English into Dutch

Translate scaffold into Dutch}
Steiger, Schavot, Stellage, Schoren, Van een steiger voorzien, Schragen

Scaffold: translate from English into French

Translate scaffold into French}
Échafaud, Monter à l'échafaudage

Scaffold: translate from English into German

Translate scaffold into German}
Gerüst, Schafott, Rüsten

Scaffold: translate from English into Hindi

Translate scaffold into Hindi}
पाड़, मचान, चबूतरा, फांसी देने का मचान, रंगमंच, वध-मंच, वधमंच, फाँसी का मचान

Scaffold: translate from English into Italian

Translate scaffold into Italian}
Impalcatura, Patibolo, Ponteggio

Scaffold: translate from English into Korean

Translate scaffold into Korean}
발판, 골격, 단두대, 발판 재료, 조림된 무대, 조림된 스테이지, 조림된 스탠드, 발판을 설치하다, 비계를 설치하다

Scaffold: translate from English into Russian

Translate scaffold into Russian}
Строительные леса, Эшафот, Леса, Подмости, Подмостки, Плаха, Виселица, Лес, Обстраивать лесами

Scaffold: translate from English into Spanish

Translate scaffold into Spanish}
Andamio, Cadalso, Tarima, Tribuna

Word origin

Middle English (denoting a temporary platform from which to repair or erect a building): from Anglo-Norman French, from Old French ( e)schaffaut, from the base of catafalque.

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