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The meaning of Researches


Researches – definition


The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

Usage examples:

The group carries out research in geochemistry

Investigate systematically.

Usage examples:

She has spent the last five years researching her people's history

A detailed study of a subject in order to discover information or achieve a new understanding of it

Usage examples:

Medical/scientific research, the us government has funded some research on high-speed trains., i li…

Detailed study of a subject, especially in order to discover new information or understand the subject better

Usage examples:

Research into/on sth he is conducting detailed research into the effects of advertising on children…

Researches translation into English

Researches: translate from English into Chinese

Translate researches into Chinese (Simplified)}
研究, 研, 科研, 考证, 查, 查考, 验, 揅, 从事研究

Researches: translate from English into Dutch

Translate researches into Dutch}
Onderzoeken, Onderzoek, Speurwerk, Onderzoekingswerk, Navorsing, Speurtocht, Nasporing

Researches: translate from English into French

Translate researches into French}
Recherches, Recherche, Rechercher, Faire des recherches

Researches: translate from English into German

Translate researches into German}
Forschungen, Forschung, Erforschen, Forschen, Erforschung

Researches: translate from English into Hindi

Translate researches into Hindi}
शोध, अनुसंधान, खोज, अन्वेषण, अनुसंधान करना, ऊहापोह, अन्वेषण करना, खोज करना

Researches: translate from English into Italian

Translate researches into Italian}
Ricerche, Ricerca, Indagine, Fare ricerche, Documentarsi su

Researches: translate from English into Korean

Translate researches into Korean}
연구, 조사, 탐색, 면밀한 탐색, 과학적인 연구, ...을 연구하다, 연구하다

Researches: translate from English into Russian

Translate researches into Russian}
Исследования, Исследовать, Исследование, Изучение, Исследовательская работа, Научное исследование, Изыскание, Заниматься исследованиями, Тщательные поиски

Researches: translate from English into Spanish

Translate researches into Spanish}
Investiga, Investigación, Investigar, Investigaciones, Estudio, Estudiar

Word origin

late 16th century: from obsolete French recerche (noun), recercher (verb), from Old French re- (expressing intensive force) + cerchier ‘to search’.

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