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Reclaim – definition


Retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); obtain the return of.

Usage examples:

You can reclaim £25 of the £435 deducted

Bring (waste land or land formerly under water) under cultivation.

Usage examples:

Much of the camargue has now been reclaimed

The action or process of reclaiming or being reclaimed.

Usage examples:

Vat reclaim

To take back something that was yours

Usage examples:

Students whose averages drop can reclaim their scholarships if they raise their grades., the team r…

To get back something that has been taken away from you, or money that you have already paid

Usage examples:

Reclaim tax/expenses/a deposit, you can reclaim the import tax on such goods., it was seen as an at…

To make land, such as desert or areas covered by water, suitable for farming or building


To treat waste materials in order to get useful materials, such as glass or paper, that can be used again


The act of collecting your bags after they have been taken off a plane at the end of a flight, or the area of an airport where you do this

Usage examples:

We spent an hour in baggage/luggage reclaim waiting for our suitcases.

Reclaim translation into English

Reclaim: translate from English into Chinese

Translate reclaim into Chinese (Simplified)}
回收, 垦荒, 开荒, 垦, 纠正, 拓荒

Reclaim: translate from English into Dutch

Translate reclaim into Dutch}
Terugvorderen, Herwinnen, Ontginnen, Terugeisen, Ontwoekeren, Droogleggen, Verbeteren, Terugroepen, Protesteren, Verbetering, Op het rechte pad brengen, Terugbrengen op het rechte pad

Reclaim: translate from English into French

Translate reclaim into French}
Récupérer, Défricher, Assainir, Bonifier, Assécher, Recycler, Mettre en valeur, Amender

Reclaim: translate from English into German

Translate reclaim into German}
Zurückfordern, Gewinnen, Zurückverlangen, Regenerieren, Wiedergewinnen, Kultivieren, Abholen, Abbringen

Reclaim: translate from English into Hindi

Translate reclaim into Hindi}
रीक्लेम, कृषि योग्य बनाना, न सुधरनेवाला, वापस मांगना, पालना, प्राप्त करना, सुधारना, विरोध खड़ा करना, सुधार के अयोग्यता, भूमि-पुनरुद्धार

Reclaim: translate from English into Italian

Translate reclaim into Italian}
Reclamare, Bonificare, Risanare, Ricuperare, Riabilitare

Reclaim: translate from English into Korean

Translate reclaim into Korean}
개심, ...의 반환을 요구하다, 교정하다, 개선하다, 개간하다, 개화하다, 교화하다, 개척하다

Reclaim: translate from English into Russian

Translate reclaim into Russian}
Вернуть, Исправлять, Восстанавливать, Использовать, Утилизировать, Регенерировать, Отзывать, Окультуривать, Исправление, Перевоспитывать, Требовать обратно, Поднимать, Цивилизовать, Переделывать к лучшему, Возражать, Протестовать, Проводить мелиорацию, Смягчать

Reclaim: translate from English into Spanish

Translate reclaim into Spanish}
Reclamar, Recuperar, Ganar, Recoger, Regenerar, Sanear, Reformar, Amansar, Domesticar

Word origin

Middle English (used in falconry in the sense ‘recall’): from Old French reclamer, from Latin reclamare ‘cry out against’, from re- ‘back’ + clamare ‘to shout’.

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