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The meaning of Realize


Realize – definition


Become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly.

Usage examples:

He realized his mistake at once

Cause to happen.

Usage examples:

His worst fears have been realized

Give actual or physical form to.

Usage examples:

The stage designs have been beautifully realized

Make (a profit) from a transaction.

Usage examples:

She realized a profit of $100,000

Be fully aware or cognizant of


To become aware of or understand a situation

Usage examples:

He realized the store would be closing in a few minutes., [ + (that) clause ] suddenly i realized (…

To make or lose money when you sell something

Usage examples:

They're trading on an extremely short-term basis and will sell once they can realize a profit., fol…

Realize translation into English

Realize: translate from English into Chinese

Translate realize into Chinese (Simplified)}
意识到, 实现, 明白, 意识, 悟, 觉悟, 看清, 惺, 酬, 办到, 体认

Realize: translate from English into Dutch

Translate realize into Dutch}
Realiseren, Beseffen, Verwezenlijken, Begrijpen, Maken, Verwerkelijken, Halen, Opbrengen, Zich voorstellen, Winst maken, Te geld maken, Bevatten

Realize: translate from English into French

Translate realize into French}
Prendre conscience de, Réaliser, Comprendre, Savoir, Prendre conscience, Se rendre compte de, Penser, Rapporter

Realize: translate from English into German

Translate realize into German}
Realisieren, Erkennen, Verwirklichen, Begreifen, Wissen, Feststellen, Merken, Erzielen, Bemerken, Mitbekommen, Ermessen, Sich klar werden, Erlösen

Realize: translate from English into Hindi

Translate realize into Hindi}
समझना, जानना, प्राप्त करना, अनुभव करना, वसूल करना, स्पष्ट सुनना, वास्तविक बनाना, स्पष्ट देखना, प्रत्यक्ष करना, स्र्पये में बदलना, मूल्य पाना, साधन करना, साधना, महसूस करना, उगाहना

Realize: translate from English into Italian

Translate realize into Italian}
Rendersi conto, Realizzare, Capire, Comprendere, Accorgersi, Attuare, Effettuare

Realize: translate from English into Korean

Translate realize into Korean}
깨닫다, 여실히 보이다, 실현하다, 실행하다, 현금으로 바꾸다, 유가증권을 현금으로 바꾸다, 부동산을 현금으로 바꾸다, 돈으로 바꾸다

Realize: translate from English into Russian

Translate realize into Russian}
Понимать, Реализовать, Осознавать, Осуществлять, Сознавать, Выполнять, Представлять себе, Получать прибыль, Превращать в деньги, Приносить доход, Продавать

Realize: translate from English into Spanish

Translate realize into Spanish}
Darse cuenta, Realizar, Darse cuenta de, Entender, Saber, Llevar a cabo, Hacerse cargo de, Caer en la cuenta de

Word origin

early 17th century: from real1, on the pattern of French réaliser .

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