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The meaning of Realisation


Realisation – definition


An act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact.

Usage examples:

A growing realization of the need to create common economic structures

The achievement of something desired or anticipated.

Usage examples:

He did not live to see the realization of his dream

The conversion of an asset into cash.

Usage examples:

The realization of his assets in spain

The state of being aware of or understanding a situation

Usage examples:

You soon come to the horrible realization that the flat skinny letters mean, no, you are not accept…

The process of selling assets, investments, etc. for cash

Usage examples:

Realization of sth in the event of default or bankruptcy by the counterparty to the agreement, real…

Realisation translation into English

Realisation: translate from English into Chinese

Translate realisation into Chinese (Simplified)}
实现, 觉悟, 意识, 领悟, 体认

Realisation: translate from English into Dutch

Translate realisation into Dutch}
Realisatie, Verwezenlijking, Besef, Bewustzijn, Te-geldemaking

Realisation: translate from English into French

Translate realisation into French}
La concrétisation, Réalisation, Prise de conscience

Realisation: translate from English into German

Translate realisation into German}
Realisierung, Verwirklichung, Erkenntnis, Realisation, Erfüllung, Verflüssigung

Realisation: translate from English into Hindi

Translate realisation into Hindi}
वसूली, प्राप्ति, अहसास, अनुभूति, उगाही, साधन

Realisation: translate from English into Italian

Translate realisation into Italian}
Realizzazione, Realizzo, Comprensione, Percezione

Realisation: translate from English into Korean

Translate realisation into Korean}
실현, 현금화, 결실, 정말이라고 생각함, 정말이라고 느낌, 정말이라고 깨달음, 진실이라고 생각함

Realisation: translate from English into Russian

Translate realisation into Russian}
Реализация, Осуществление, Осознание, Понимание, Выполнение, Продажа, Превращение в деньги

Realisation: translate from English into Spanish

Translate realisation into Spanish}
Realización, Comprensión

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