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The meaning of Put-out

Put-out – definition


Thrust or extend out

phrasal verb

Extinguish something that is burning.

Usage examples:

Fire crews from grangetown put out the blaze
phrasal verb

Lay something out ready for use.

Usage examples:

She put out glasses and paper napkins
phrasal verb

Issue, release, or broadcast a product or message.

Usage examples:

The police put out a bulletin
phrasal verb

Cause someone trouble or inconvenience.

Usage examples:

Would it put you out too much to let her visit you for a couple of hours?
phrasal verb

(in sport) defeat a player or team and so eliminate them from a competition.

Usage examples:

They had a great chance to put france out of the world cup in the closing minutes
phrasal verb

Make someone unconscious by means of drugs or an anaesthetic.

Usage examples:

The injection will put you out for ten minutes
phrasal verb

(of a ship) leave a port or harbour.

Usage examples:

She stepped into the boat and put out to sea
phrasal verb

Dislocate a joint.

Usage examples:

She fell off her horse and put her shoulder out
phrasal verb

(of a company) allocate work to a contractor or freelancer to be done off the premises.

Usage examples:

A big agency might put the work out to an independent merchandizing company
phrasal verb

(of an engine or motor) produce a particular amount of power.

Usage examples:

The non-turbo is expected to put out about 250 bhp
phrasal verb

Agree to have sex with someone.


A fight, often unexpected, between opposing groups of soldiers in which they shoot at each other

Usage examples:

The opposing units opened fire simultaneously at close range and a 15-minute firefight ensued., wil…

Put-out translation into English

Put-out: translate from English into Chinese

Translate put-out into Chinese (Simplified)}
扑灭, 灭, 发行, 做出, 发放, 发表, 出版, 发布, 发给

Put-out: translate from English into Dutch

Translate put-out into Dutch}
Doe uit, Blussen, Uitdoen, Investeren, Uitgeven, Uitzetten, Inspannen, Uitsteken, Ontwrichten, Irriteren, Uitlenen, Uitbesteden, Buitenshuis laten doen, Uitblazen, Uitvaardigen, In de war brengen

Put-out: translate from English into French

Translate put-out into French}
Éteindre, Avancer, Publier, Mettre dehors, Déranger, Tirer, Placer, Étendre, Expulser, Exprimer, Déconcerter, Disposer, Exclure, Dépenser, Allonger, Étaler, Dérouter, Annoncer

Put-out: translate from English into German

Translate put-out into German}
Herausgeben, Löschen, Verstimmt, Bringen, Ausmachen, Ausschalten, Treiben, Verstimmen, Ausstrecken, Auslaufen, Pikiert, Leisten, Aufstellen, Ärgern, Hinausbringen, Abgeben, Vor die tür setzen, Hinaussetzen, Weggeben, Betäuben, Verrenken, Vergeben, Ausstoßen, Vorstrecken, Vorstellen, Hervorbringen, Durchgeben, Bewusstlos machen, Ausrenken, Auskugeln, Verfälschen, Ungenau machen, Auswerfen, Bekannt geben, Senden

Put-out: translate from English into Hindi

Translate put-out into Hindi}
आहत, बाहर निकालना, जाने देना, छोड़ना, बुझाना, ठंडा करना, घबराना, परेशान करना, बेचैन करना, पुट आउट

Put-out: translate from English into Italian

Translate put-out into Italian}
Mettere fuori, Spegnere, Estinguere, Allungare, Sporgere, Seccare, Lussarsi, Subappaltare

Put-out: translate from English into Korean

Translate put-out into Korean}
내다, 내놓다, 쫓아내다, 삐다, 관절을 삐다, 끄다, 밖으로 내놓다, 대출하다, 산출하다, 분기하다, 혼란시키다, 아웃시키다, 출범하다, 잡다

Put-out: translate from English into Russian

Translate put-out into Russian}
Выводить из себя, Тушить, Выпускать, Гасить, Загасить, Выкладывать, Высовывать, Издавать, Выгонять, Выкалывать, Убирать, Отправляться, Расстраивать, Вывихнуть, Тратить, Вытягивать, Удалять, Устранять, Расходовать, Смущать, Причинять неудобство, Раздражать, Отдавать на сторону, Давать побеги, Запятнать, Выходить в море, Конфузить кого-л.

Put-out: translate from English into Spanish

Translate put-out into Spanish}
Apagar, Poner, Sacar, Poner fuera, Extinguir, Sofocar, Hacer, Extender, Salir, Echar, Alargar, Tender, Expulsar, Producir, Poner en la calle, Invertir, Enfadar, Asomar, Hacer correr, Poner a secar, Molestarse, Molestar, Enchinchar, Mandar a pasearse, Desahuciar, Echar al mar, Dislocar, Dar fuera, Desconcertar, Hacerse a la mar, Enojar, Irritar a, Poner fuera de combate, Incomodar, Dislocarse, Sacar a luz, Diseminar, Tomarse, Desacomodar, Publicar

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