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The meaning of Put-off

Put-off – definition


Cause to feel intense dislike or distaste

phrasal verb

Postpone something.

Usage examples:

They can't put off a decision much longer
phrasal verb

Cause someone to lose interest or enthusiasm.

Usage examples:

She wanted to be a nurse, but the thought of night shifts put her off
phrasal verb

Distract someone.

Usage examples:

Don't put me off—i'm trying to concentrate
phrasal verb

To discourage someone from doing something, or from liking someone or something

Usage examples:

I was put off by his appearance., the experience put me off politics., the meeting has been put off…
phrasal verb

To decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later time or date

Usage examples:

The meeting has been put off for a week.

Put-off translation into English

Put-off: translate from English into Chinese

Translate put-off into Chinese (Simplified)}
推迟, 拖延, 支使, 顺延, 宕, 缓, 放开, 支, 揥

Put-off: translate from English into Dutch

Translate put-off into Dutch}
Uitzetten, Afschrikken, Afleggen, Afschepen, Afzetten, Uittrekken, Afschrijven, Tegenzin doen krijgen in, In omloop brengen, Wegmaken, Afzeggen

Put-off: translate from English into French

Translate put-off into French}
Repousser, Retarder, Ajourner, Dissuader, Démonter, Fermer, Pousser au large, Démarrer

Put-off: translate from English into German

Translate put-off into German}
Aufschieben, Abschrecken, Ablegen, Ausziehen, Verschieben, Beiseite legen, Hinausschieben, Abbringen, Hinhalten, Hinauszögern, Ausschalten, Abstoßen, Abstellen, Ausladen, Ausmachen, Verderben, Ablenken, Aussteigen lassen, Hinauswerfen, Die lust nehmen

Put-off: translate from English into Hindi

Translate put-off into Hindi}
स्थगित, स्थगित करना, टाल देना, ध्यान बँटाना, रद्द कर देना, मंसूख़ कर देना, मुलतवी करना, टालना, रखना

Put-off: translate from English into Italian

Translate put-off into Italian}
Rimandare, Rinviare, Ritardare, Spegnere, Disgustare, Far scendere

Put-off: translate from English into Korean

Translate put-off into Korean}
연기하다, 물리다, 배 따위가 해안을 떠나다, 해안을 떠나다, 회피하다, 제거하다

Put-off: translate from English into Russian

Translate put-off into Russian}
Отложить, Откладывать, Отчаливать, Отделываться, Ссадить, Мешать, Вызывать отвращение, Отбрасывать, Отвлекать

Put-off: translate from English into Spanish

Translate put-off into Spanish}
Posponer, Aplazar, Desanimar, Disuadir, Alejar, Apagar, Quitarse, Intimidar, Salir, Dejar para después, Desconcertar, Engañar, Quitar de la cabeza, Desviar, Dar asco, Dejar sobre, Hacerse a la mar, Deshacerse de un rato, Hacer fallar, Aplazar una cita con, Cansar, Entretener

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