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The meaning of Punishes


Punishes – definition


Inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone) as retribution for an offence, especially a transgression of a legal or moral code.

Usage examples:

I have done wrong and i'm being punished for it

To cause people who have done something wrong or committed a crime to suffer by making them do something they don’t want to do or sending them to prison

Usage examples:

She was punished for being late to school., swimming in the potomac is punishable by a fine., [ c ]…

Punishes translation into English

Punishes: translate from English into Chinese

Translate punishes into Chinese (Simplified)}
惩罚, 惩治, 罚, 诛, 惩处, 处罚, 惩, 惩办, 处分, 惩戒, 治, 处置, 办罪, 责, 咎, 惩艾

Punishes: translate from English into Dutch

Translate punishes into Dutch}
Straft, Straffen, Bestraffen, Afstraffen, Kastijden, Toetakelen, Ranselen, Verbeteren

Punishes: translate from English into French

Translate punishes into French}
Punit, Punir, Malmener, Faire honneur à, Fatiguer

Punishes: translate from English into German

Translate punishes into German}
Bestraft, Bestrafen, Strafen, Ahnden, Quälen, Strapazieren, Schinden, Vorführen, Vergattern, Zusetzen

Punishes: translate from English into Hindi

Translate punishes into Hindi}
सज़ा, सज़ा देना, दंड देना, ताड़ना करना, कष्ट पहुंचाना

Punishes: translate from English into Italian

Translate punishes into Italian}
Punisce, Punire, Castigare, Mettere a dura prova

Punishes: translate from English into Korean

Translate punishes into Korean}
처벌, 벌하다, 사람을 벌하다, 죄를 벌하다, 혼내주다, 상대방을 혼내주다, 처벌하다, 징벌하다

Punishes: translate from English into Russian

Translate punishes into Russian}
Наказывает, Наказать, Наказывать, Карать, Расправляться, Налагать взыскание, Задать перцу, Навалиться на еду, Наносить удары, Причинять повреждения, Грубо обращаться, Много есть

Punishes: translate from English into Spanish

Translate punishes into Spanish}
Castiga, Castigar, Maltratar, Zamparse, Dar una paliza de

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French puniss-, lengthened stem of punir ‘punish’, from Latin punire, from poena ‘penalty’.

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