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The meaning of Pull up


Pull up – definition


Remove, usually with some force or effort

phrasal verb

(of a vehicle) come to a halt.

Usage examples:

He pulled up outside the cottage
phrasal verb

Increase the altitude of an aircraft.

Usage examples:

The pilot pulled the plane up in an attempt to avoid the building
phrasal verb

Cause someone to stop or pause; check.

Usage examples:

The shock of his words pulled her up short
phrasal verb

To cause a vehicle to stop

Usage examples:

The boat pulled up at the dock., i was at the gas station, and he pulled up next to me., click on a…

Pull up translation into English

Pull up: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pull up into Chinese (Simplified)}
拉起, 拔, 撩, 拔出, 揠, 停车, 撕下

Pull up: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pull up into Dutch}
Optrekken, Opbreken, Stilhouden, Uitroeien, Erbij trekken

Pull up: translate from English into French

Translate pull up into French}
Remonter, Arracher, Hisser, Freiner, Stopper, S'arrêter

Pull up: translate from English into German

Translate pull up into German}
Hochziehen, Halten, Aufziehen, Heraufziehen, Rupfen, Bremsen, Herausreißen, Vorziehen, Stramm ziehen, Anfahren, Aufholen, Korrigieren, Zurechtweisen, Verbessern

Pull up: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pull up into Hindi}
अपने आप को रोकना, रोकना, संभलना, डॉंटना, (व्‍यक्ति, घोड़े, गाड़ी को) रोकना, पीछा करना, ज़ब्त करना, थामना

Pull up: translate from English into Italian

Translate pull up into Italian}
Tira su, Tirare su, Fermare, Sradicare, Cabrare

Pull up: translate from English into Korean

Translate pull up into Korean}
당겨, 인상하다, 차 따위가 멈추다, 말 따위가 멈추다, 멈추다, 제지하다, 차를 멈추게 하다, 말을 멈추게 하다, 멈추게 하다, 끌어올리다, 뽑다

Pull up: translate from English into Russian

Translate pull up into Russian}
Остановить, Задирать, Одергивать, Выдергивать, Осаживать, Останавливаться, Делать выговор, Идти наравне с другими, Идти впереди других, Сдерживаться, Останавливать

Pull up: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pull up into Spanish}
Levantar, Arrancar, Parar, Subirse, Detenerse, Pararse, Acercar, Acercarse, Arremangarse, Encabritar, Recogerse, Ayudar, Regañar a, Contenerse

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