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The meaning of Propagate

Propagate – definition


Breed specimens of (a plant or animal) by natural processes from the parent stock.

Usage examples:

Try propagating your own houseplants from cuttings

Spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely.

Usage examples:

The french propagated the idea that the english were drunkards

(with reference to motion, light, sound, etc.) transmit or be transmitted in a particular direction or through a medium.

Usage examples:

Electromagnetic effects can be propagated at a finite velocity only through material substances

To produce a new plant from a parent plant, or of a plant or animal to reproduce

Propagate translation into English

Propagate: translate from English into Chinese

Translate propagate into Chinese (Simplified)}
传播, 宣传, 宣扬, 传布, 孳, 繁, 生息, 传道, 广传, 传种

Propagate: translate from English into Dutch

Translate propagate into Dutch}
Propageren, Verspreiden, Voortplanten, Zich voortplanten, Verbreiden

Propagate: translate from English into French

Translate propagate into French}
Propager, Se propager

Propagate: translate from English into German

Translate propagate into German}
Verbreiten, Propagieren, Fortpflanzen, Sich ausbreiten, Sich fortpflanzen, Sich vermehren, Sich verbreiten, Verkündigen

Propagate: translate from English into Hindi

Translate propagate into Hindi}
प्रचार, फैलना, उपजाना, उगाना, वंश बढ़ाना, पालना, रूचार करना

Propagate: translate from English into Italian

Translate propagate into Italian}
Propagare, Propagarsi

Propagate: translate from English into Korean

Translate propagate into Korean}
전파하다, 번식시키다, 보급시키다, 선전하다, 전달하다, 음향 따위를 전달하다, 번식하다, 증식하다

Propagate: translate from English into Russian

Translate propagate into Russian}
Распространять, Распространяться, Размножаться, Размножать, Разводить, Передавать по наследству, Передаваться через среду

Propagate: translate from English into Spanish

Translate propagate into Spanish}
Propagar, Propagarse

Word origin

late Middle English: from Latin propagat- ‘multiplied from layers or shoots’, from the verb propagare ; related to propago ‘young shoot’ (from a base meaning ‘fix’).

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