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The meaning of Problem

Problem – definition


A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

Usage examples:

They have financial problems

An inquiry starting from given conditions to investigate or demonstrate a fact, result, or law.

Usage examples:

Under his influence dirac worked on some problems in statistical mechanics.

Denoting or relating to people whose behaviour causes difficulties to themselves and others.

Usage examples:

Practitioners help families develop strategies for managing problem behaviour in teens

Something that causes difficulty or that is hard to deal with

Usage examples:

Financing the camp’s athletic program is a problem., he has a serious health problem., i’m having p…

Problem translation into English

Problem: translate from English into Chinese

Translate problem into Chinese (Simplified)}
问题, 课题, 难题, 题, 困难, 难, 忧, 议题, 问题的, 题是

Problem: translate from English into Dutch

Translate problem into Dutch}
Probleem, Vraagstuk, Opgave, Vraagpunt

Problem: translate from English into French

Translate problem into French}
Problème, Difficulté, Embêtement

Problem: translate from English into German

Translate problem into German}
Problem, Aufgabe, Problematik, Frage, Rätsel, Not

Problem: translate from English into Hindi

Translate problem into Hindi}
संकट, समस्या, मसला, कठिन, व्यावहारिक, प्रायौगिक, उपपाद्य विषय, विवाद का विषय, मसला-संबंधी, प्रश्न

Problem: translate from English into Italian

Translate problem into Italian}
Problema, Difficoltà, Difficile, Crisi, Affare, Vizio, Magagna

Problem: translate from English into Korean

Translate problem into Korean}
문제, 과제, 문, 묘수 풀이 문제, 체스 따위의 묘수 풀이 문제, 브리지 따위의 묘수 풀이 문제, 문제가 되는, 사회 문제를 다루는, 문학 따위 사회 문제를 다루는

Problem: translate from English into Russian

Translate problem into Russian}
Проблема, Задача, Вопрос, Проблемный, Сложная ситуация, Трудный случай

Problem: translate from English into Spanish

Translate problem into Spanish}
Problema, Problemático, Difícil

Word origin

late Middle English (originally denoting a riddle or a question for academic discussion): from Old French probleme, via Latin from Greek problēma, from proballein ‘put forth’, from pro ‘befor

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