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The meaning of Postured


Postured – definition


Behave in a way that is intended to impress or mislead.

Usage examples:

A billionaire posturing as a hero of the working class

Place (someone) in a particular attitude or pose.

Usage examples:

And still these two were postured motionless

The position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting.

Usage examples:

I got out of the car in an alert posture

A particular approach or attitude.

Usage examples:

Trade unions adopted a more militant posture in wage negotiations

Past simple and past participle of posture

Usage examples:

Businesses were co-operating across regional divides while the politicians postured., in the end, i…

Postured translation into English

Postured: translate from English into Chinese

Translate postured into Chinese (Simplified)}
摆姿势, 作姿势

Postured: translate from English into Dutch

Translate postured into Dutch}
Geposeerd, Poseren, Zekere houding aannemen, Plaatsen

Postured: translate from English into French

Translate postured into French}
Posé, Poser, Se donner des airs, Prendre posture, Prendre des attitudes

Postured: translate from English into German

Translate postured into German}
Aufgestellt, Posieren

Postured: translate from English into Hindi

Translate postured into Hindi}

Postured: translate from English into Italian

Translate postured into Italian}

Postured: translate from English into Korean

Translate postured into Korean}
자세를 취한, 어떤 자세를 취하다, 어떤 태도를 취하다, 젠체하다, ...에게 어떤 자세를 취하게 하다

Postured: translate from English into Russian

Translate postured into Russian}
Осанка, Позировать, Ставить в позу

Postured: translate from English into Spanish

Translate postured into Spanish}
Posado, Tomar una postura, Darse tono, Poner en una postura, Fingir ser

Word origin

late 16th century (denoting the relative position of one thing to another): from French, from Italian postura, from Latin positura ‘position’, from posit- ‘placed’, from the verb ponere .

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