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The meaning of Pollutes

Pollutes – definition


Contaminate (water, the air, etc.) with harmful or poisonous substances.

Usage examples:

The explosion polluted the town with dioxin

To make air, water, or earth dirty or harmful to people, animals, and plants, esp. by adding harmful chemicals or waste

Usage examples:

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are polluting the groundwater., maybe there’s some kind of chem…

To make water, the air, or land dirty and not safe for people, animals, and plants, especially with waste or chemicals

Usage examples:

You don't need to pollute the planet to grow your economy., he expects coal plants built after 2012…

Pollutes translation into English

Pollutes: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pollutes into Chinese (Simplified)}
污染, 弄脏

Pollutes: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pollutes into Dutch}
Vervuilt, Verontreinigen, Bezoedelen, Bevuilen, Besmetten, Ontwijden, Bevlekken, Onheiligen

Pollutes: translate from English into French

Translate pollutes into French}
Pollue, Polluer, Contaminer, Profaner, Corrompre, Vicier

Pollutes: translate from English into German

Translate pollutes into German}
Verschmutzt, Verschmutzen, Verunreinigen, Beschmutzen, Verpesten, Vergiften, Entweihen, Verderben, Verstänkern

Pollutes: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pollutes into Hindi}
प्रदूषित, बिगाड़ना, अपवित्र करना, नापाक करना, दूषित करना, मलिन करना, गंदा करना, मैला करना, भ्रष्ट करना

Pollutes: translate from English into Italian

Translate pollutes into Italian}
Inquina, Inquinare, Contaminare, Appestare, Corrompere

Pollutes: translate from English into Korean

Translate pollutes into Korean}
오염, 더럽히다, 불결하게 하다

Pollutes: translate from English into Russian

Translate pollutes into Russian}
Загрязняет, Загрязнять, Осквернять, Поганить, Развращать

Pollutes: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pollutes into Spanish}
Contamina, Contaminar, Ensuciar, Corromper, Profanar

Word origin

late Middle English: from Latin pollut- ‘soiled, defiled’, from the verb polluere, based on the root of lutum ‘mud’.

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