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The meaning of Planter


Planter – definition


A manager or owner of a plantation.

Usage examples:

Wealthy coffee planters

A decorative container in which plants are grown.

Usage examples:

Hanging baskets, tubs, and planters

A machine or person that plants seeds, bulbs, etc.

Usage examples:

If you prefer a more formal look of rows, you may wish to invest in a bulb planter.

(in irish history) an english or scottish settler on confiscated land during the 17th century.

Usage examples:

This castle, built in 1622, stands in stark contrast to the english and scottish architecture of th…

A large container in which esp. decorative plants are grown

Usage examples:

The sidewalk is lined with planters overflowing with flowers.

Planter translation into English

Planter: translate from English into Chinese

Translate planter into Chinese (Simplified)}
播种机, 种植者

Planter: translate from English into Dutch

Translate planter into Dutch}
Planter, Stichter

Planter: translate from English into French

Translate planter into French}
Planteur, Jardinière, Planteuse, Pot

Planter: translate from English into German

Translate planter into German}
Pflanzer, Übertopf, Pflanzmaschine, Plantagenbesitzer, Sähmaschine

Planter: translate from English into Hindi

Translate planter into Hindi}
बोने की मशीन, मार, बाग़ान का मालिक, जमानेवाला मनुष्य, उपनिवेश बसानेवाला, लगाने वाला, रोपक, वृक्षारोपक

Planter: translate from English into Italian

Translate planter into Italian}
Fioriera, Piantatore

Planter: translate from English into Korean

Translate planter into Korean}
파종기, 심는 사람, 초기의 이민, 십칠세기에 몰수지로 이민한 잉글랜드 사람, 십칠세기에 몰수지로 이민한 스코틀랜드 사람, 강 바닥에 깊이 박힌 나무

Planter: translate from English into Russian

Translate planter into Russian}
Плантатор, Сажалка, Сажальщик, Ящик для комнатных растений, Кадка для пальмы

Planter: translate from English into Spanish

Translate planter into Spanish}
Plantador, Plantadora, Colono

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