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The meaning of Phasing

Phasing – definition


The action of dividing a large task or process into phases.

Usage examples:

The phasing of the overall project

Carry out (something) in gradual stages.

Usage examples:

The work is being phased over a number of years

Adjust the phase of (something), especially so as to synchronize it with something else.

Usage examples:

About 70% of the reflections were phased by this method

Present participle of phase

Usage examples:

The reduction in armed forces will be phased over the next ten years.

Phasing translation into English

Phasing: translate from English into Chinese

Translate phasing into Chinese (Simplified)}
分阶段, 调相

Phasing: translate from English into Dutch

Translate phasing into Dutch}
Fasering, Geleidelijk invoeren

Phasing: translate from English into French

Translate phasing into French}
Mise en phase

Phasing: translate from English into German

Translate phasing into German}
Phasenlage, Synchronisierung, Gleichschaltung

Phasing: translate from English into Hindi

Translate phasing into Hindi}
चरणबद्ध, प्रावस्था भाजन

Phasing: translate from English into Italian

Translate phasing into Italian}
Fasatura, Introdurre gradualmente, Sincronizzare

Phasing: translate from English into Korean

Translate phasing into Korean}
단계적, 돈조시키다, 단계적으로 실행하다, 계획 따위를 단계적으로 실행하다

Phasing: translate from English into Russian

Translate phasing into Russian}
Поэтапность, Фазировка, Фазирование

Phasing: translate from English into Spanish

Translate phasing into Spanish}
Ajuste de fase

Word origin

early 19th century (in phase (sense 2 of the noun)): from French phase, based on Greek phasis ‘appearance’, from the base of phainein ‘to show’.

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