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The meaning of Pedestals


Pedestals – definition


The base or support on which a statue, obelisk, or column is mounted.

Usage examples:

A bronze bust on a marble pedestal

Used in reference to a situation in which someone is greatly or uncritically admired.

Usage examples:

It's as if i'm on a pedestal and he worships me—i hate that

Set or support on a pedestal.

Usage examples:

A venus stands pedestalled in an alcove

A base for a statue, or a base for a column

Usage examples:

Museum staff plan to replace the cracked pedestal under the statue.

Pedestals translation into English

Pedestals: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pedestals into Chinese (Simplified)}
基座, 座, 加座, 磉, 座子, 基架, 台座, 搁在台上

Pedestals: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pedestals into Dutch}
Sokkels, Voetstuk, Pedestal, Basis, Nachtkastje, Op een voetstuk plaatsen, Piëdestals, Onderstuk van schrijfbureau

Pedestals: translate from English into French

Translate pedestals into French}
Socles, Piédestal, Socle

Pedestals: translate from English into German

Translate pedestals into German}
Sockel, Podest, Postament

Pedestals: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pedestals into Hindi}
कुरसी, पीठ, बैठक, भवन का स्तंभपाद, पाद-पीठ

Pedestals: translate from English into Italian

Translate pedestals into Italian}
Piedistalli, Piedistallo

Pedestals: translate from English into Korean

Translate pedestals into Korean}
받침대, 기초, 축받이, 흉상 따위의 받침대, 대좌위에 올려 놓다

Pedestals: translate from English into Russian

Translate pedestals into Russian}
Пьедесталы, Пьедестал, Подставка, Основание, Цоколь, Подножие, База, Водружать на пьедестал, Ставить на пьедестал, Тумба у письменного стола, Опорная подкладка, Подушка

Pedestals: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pedestals into Spanish}
Pedestales, Pedestal, Peana

Word origin

mid 16th century: from French piédestal, from Italian piedestallo, from piè ‘foot’ (from Latin pes, ped-, which later influenced the spelling) + di ‘of’ + stallo ‘stall’.

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