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The meaning of Parceled


Parceled – definition


Make (something) into a parcel by wrapping it.

Usage examples:

He parcelled up the goods and sent them back

Wrap (rope) with strips of tarred canvas, before binding it with yarn as part of a traditional technique to reduce chafing.


An object or collection of objects wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by post.

Usage examples:

The lorry was carrying a large number of royal mail parcels

A quantity or amount of something, especially as dealt with in one commercial transaction.

Usage examples:

A parcel of shares
phrasal verb

To divide something and give it in parts to different people

Usage examples:

More than $13,000 in awards will be parceled out, with $6000 going to the first-prize winner.
phrasal verb

To divide something and give the separate parts to different people or at different times

Usage examples:

Parcel sth out to sb information technology is used to parcel work out to a large group., parcel st…

Parceled translation into English

Parceled: translate from English into Chinese

Translate parceled into Chinese (Simplified)}

Parceled: translate from English into Dutch

Translate parceled into Dutch}
Verkaveld, Verdelen, Inpakken, Kavelen

Parceled: translate from English into French

Translate parceled into French}
Colisé, Emballer, Empaqueter, Diviser en parcelles, Mettre en colis

Parceled: translate from English into German

Translate parceled into German}
Parzelliert, Einpacken, Austeilen, Aufteilen

Parceled: translate from English into Hindi

Translate parceled into Hindi}
Parceled, भागों मे विभक्‍त करना, खंडों में या हिस्‍सों मे बाँटना, किरमिच की धज्जियाँ लपेटना, किरमिच के टुकड़ों और राल से जहाज की दरार बंद करना

Parceled: translate from English into Italian

Translate parceled into Italian}
Parcellizzato, Impacchettare

Parceled: translate from English into Korean

Translate parceled into Korean}
소포, 나누다

Parceled: translate from English into Russian

Translate parceled into Russian}
Разделенный, Делить на части, Дробить, Завертывать в пакет, Класть клетневину

Parceled: translate from English into Spanish

Translate parceled into Spanish}
Parcelado, Empaquetar, Envolver

Word origin

late Middle English (chiefly in the sense ‘small portion’): from Old French parcelle, from Latin particula ‘small part’.

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