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The meaning of Orthodox

Orthodox – definition


Following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs of a religion, philosophy, or practice.

Usage examples:

Burke's views were orthodox in his time

Of the ordinary or usual type; normal.

Usage examples:

They avoided orthodox jazz venues

Relating to orthodox judaism.

Usage examples:

Orthodox jewish boys

Relating to the orthodox church.

Usage examples:

Ben is now the pastor emeritus of the orthodox christian reformed church of cambridge ontario.

(of beliefs, ideas, or activities) following generally accepted beliefs or standards

Usage examples:

Orthodox methods of teaching, any questioning of conservative orthodoxy was viewed as an act of bet…

Traditional, and accepted by most people

Usage examples:

Orthodox economic theory has failed to explain the role of technological change in society., orthod…

Orthodox translation into English

Orthodox: translate from English into Chinese

Translate orthodox into Chinese (Simplified)}
正统, 保守的, 惯常的

Orthodox: translate from English into Dutch

Translate orthodox into Dutch}
Orthodox, Rechtzinnig, Degelijk, Van de oude stempel, Ouderwets, Gepast, Solied, Hecht

Orthodox: translate from English into French

Translate orthodox into French}

Orthodox: translate from English into German

Translate orthodox into German}
Orthodox, Rechtgläubig, Konventionell

Orthodox: translate from English into Hindi

Translate orthodox into Hindi}
रूढ़िवादी, कट्टर, ओथडोक्स, परम्परानिष्ठ, शास्त्र सम्मत, परम्परावादी

Orthodox: translate from English into Italian

Translate orthodox into Italian}

Orthodox: translate from English into Korean

Translate orthodox into Korean}
전통적인, 정설의, 정설을 신봉하는, 특히 종교상의 정설의, 특히 종교상의 정설을 신봉하는, 동방 정교회의, 옳다고 인정된

Orthodox: translate from English into Russian

Translate orthodox into Russian}
Ортодоксальный, Православный, Правоверный, Общепринятый

Orthodox: translate from English into Spanish

Translate orthodox into Spanish}

Word origin

late Middle English: from Greek orthodoxos (probably via ecclesiastical Latin), from orthos ‘straight or right’ + doxa ‘opinion’.

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