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Orderly – definition


Charged with the conveyance or execution of orders.

Usage examples:

The orderly sergeant

An attendant in a hospital responsible for the non-medical care of patients and the maintenance of order and cleanliness.

Usage examples:

The agreement covers staff working in various roles such as orderlies, patient care assistants, kit…

A soldier who carries out orders or performs minor tasks for an officer.

Usage examples:

They had served in the field as nurses and ambulance drivers and performed military support roles a…

Orderly translation into English

Orderly: translate from English into Chinese

Translate orderly into Chinese (Simplified)}
有顺序地, 秩序, 勤务兵, 有板有眼, 整, 正确, 利落, 井, 楚, 对, 不错

Orderly: translate from English into Dutch

Translate orderly into Dutch}
Ordelijk, Oppasser, Ordonnans, Geregeld, Hospitaalsoldaat, Ordelievend, Straatveger, Facteur

Orderly: translate from English into French

Translate orderly into French}
Ordonné, Méthodique, Ordonnance, En ordre, Systématique, Discipliné, Garçon de salle, Arrangé, Qui a de la méthode, Qui a de l'ordre

Orderly: translate from English into German

Translate orderly into German}
Ordentlich, Geordnet, Pfleger, Ordonanz, Ordonnanz, Regelmäßig, Sanitäter, Bursche, Geregelt, Krankenpfleger, Wärter, Gesittet, Ruhig, Methodisch, Friedlich

Orderly: translate from English into Hindi

Translate orderly into Hindi}
व्यवस्थित, अर्दली, सुव्यवस्थित, क्रमबद्ध, स्वच्छ, स्वच्छता से, समयनिष्ठ, परिशुद्ध, सफ़ाई से, ठीक-ठीक, साफ़-सुथरा, व्यवस्थित रूप में, आदेशवाहक

Orderly: translate from English into Italian

Translate orderly into Italian}
Ordinato, Ordine, Attendente, Inserviente, Disciplinato, Metodico

Orderly: translate from English into Korean

Translate orderly into Korean}
질서 있는, 순서 바른, 당번병, 명령의, 유순한, 규율이 바른

Orderly: translate from English into Russian

Translate orderly into Russian}
Аккуратный, Упорядоченный, Санитар, Ординарец, Дневальный, Дежурный, Организованный, Связной, Спокойный, В полном порядке, Регулярный, Методичный, Дисциплинированный, Опрятный, Благонравный, Хорошего поведения, Уборщик улиц, Правильный

Orderly: translate from English into Spanish

Translate orderly into Spanish}
Ordenado, Ordenanza, En orden, Asistente, Metódico, Arreglado, Aseado, En buen estado

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