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Mothball – definition


A small pellet of a pungent substance, typically naphthalene, put in among stored garments to keep away clothes moths.

Usage examples:

For optimal protection, store in acid-free, nonplastic containers, or in garment bags with mothball…

Store (clothes) with mothballs.

Usage examples:

He left muttering something about mothballing the suit until next year.

Stop using (a piece of equipment or a building) but keep it in good condition so that it can readily be used again.

Usage examples:

It would cost the company a lot of money just to mothball the mine

A small ball containing chemicals with a strong smell, used esp. to protect wool clothing from moths


To stop using a factory, building, etc., but leave it in a condition that allows you to use it again in the future

Usage examples:

The factory was mothballed two years ago., the local community were told about the mothballing of t…

Mothball translation into English

Mothball: translate from English into Chinese

Translate mothball into Chinese (Simplified)}
封存, 保藏

Mothball: translate from English into Dutch

Translate mothball into Dutch}
Mottenbal, Motbal

Mothball: translate from English into French

Translate mothball into French}
Boule de naphtaline

Mothball: translate from English into German

Translate mothball into German}

Mothball: translate from English into Hindi

Translate mothball into Hindi}
मोथबॉल, कपड़ी को कीड़ों से बचाने वाली गोलियाँ

Mothball: translate from English into Italian

Translate mothball into Italian}
Naftalina, Pallina di naftalina

Mothball: translate from English into Korean

Translate mothball into Korean}

Mothball: translate from English into Russian

Translate mothball into Russian}
Нафталин, Нафталиновый шарик, Консервировать, Камфарный шарик

Mothball: translate from English into Spanish

Translate mothball into Spanish}
Bola de naftalina, Empaquetar, Bola de la polilla

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