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The meaning of Mezzanine


Mezzanine – definition


A low storey between two others in a building, typically between the ground and first floors.

Usage examples:

A mezzanine floor

Relating to or denoting unsecured, higher-yielding loans that are subordinate to bank loans and secured loans but rank above equity.

Usage examples:

The company received $9.1 m in mezzanine financing

A floor that comes between two other floors of a building, usually directly above the main floor


Relating to borrowed money that must be paid back by a company or organization with financial problems after paying its senior debt (= debt that must be paid before others)but before paying its junior debt (= debt that will be paid after others)

Usage examples:

She has invested in senior bonds and mezzanine bonds., the use of mezzanine debt in buyouts has inc…

Mezzanine translation into English

Mezzanine: translate from English into Chinese

Translate mezzanine into Chinese (Simplified)}

Mezzanine: translate from English into Dutch

Translate mezzanine into Dutch}
Tussenverdieping, Eerste balkon

Mezzanine: translate from English into French

Translate mezzanine into French}
Mezzanine, Corbeille

Mezzanine: translate from English into German

Translate mezzanine into German}
Zwischenstock, Mezzanin

Mezzanine: translate from English into Hindi

Translate mezzanine into Hindi}
परछत्ती, मध्यतल, रंगभूमि के नीचे की छत

Mezzanine: translate from English into Italian

Translate mezzanine into Italian}
Soppalco, Mezzanino, Ammezzato

Mezzanine: translate from English into Korean

Translate mezzanine into Korean}
중 이층, 무대 아래

Mezzanine: translate from English into Russian

Translate mezzanine into Russian}
Мезонин, Антресоли, Бельэтаж, Помещение под сценой

Mezzanine: translate from English into Spanish

Translate mezzanine into Spanish}
Entresuelo, Entreplanta, Local bajo la escena

Word origin

early 18th century: from French, from Italian mezzanino, diminutive of mezzano ‘middle’, from Latin medianus ‘median’.

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