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The meaning of Knowledge

Knowledge – definition


Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

Usage examples:

A thirst for knowledge

Awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.

Usage examples:

The programme had been developed without his knowledge

Sexual intercourse.


Awareness, understanding, or information that has been obtained by experience or study, and that is either in a person’s mind or possessed by people generally

Usage examples:

How will we use our increasing scientific knowledge?, a lack of knowledge on the part of teachers i…

Skill in, understanding of, or information about something, which a person gets by experience or study

Usage examples:

Acquire/gain/have knowledge, possess/lack knowledge, people working in stores need better product k…

Knowledge translation into English

Knowledge: translate from English into Chinese

Translate knowledge into Chinese (Simplified)}
知识, 认识, 知道, 识, 学问, 见识, 智慧, 学, 见闻, 学术, 智, 学力

Knowledge: translate from English into Dutch

Translate knowledge into Dutch}
Kennis, Wetenschap, Medeweten, Bekendheid, Kunde, Geleerdheid

Knowledge: translate from English into French

Translate knowledge into French}
Connaissances, Connaissance, Savoir, Science, Lumières, Savoir-faire

Knowledge: translate from English into German

Translate knowledge into German}
Wissen, Kenntnisse, Kenntnis, Erkenntnis, Einsicht, Bekanntheit, Bekanntschaft, Informiertheit

Knowledge: translate from English into Hindi

Translate knowledge into Hindi}
ज्ञान, जानकारी, सूचना, विद्या, बोध, ज्ञप्ति, परिचय, प्रतीति, खबर

Knowledge: translate from English into Italian

Translate knowledge into Italian}
Conoscenza, Scienza, Cognizioni, Il sapere, Cognizione, Sapienza, Nozione

Knowledge: translate from English into Korean

Translate knowledge into Korean}
지식, 인식, 경험, 앎, 견문, 인생 따위의 경험

Knowledge: translate from English into Russian

Translate knowledge into Russian}
Знания, Знание, Познания, Осведомленность, Знакомство, Эрудиция, Наука, Известие

Knowledge: translate from English into Spanish

Translate knowledge into Spanish}
Conocimiento, Conocimientos, Saber, Ciencia, Sabiduría, Inteligencia, Erudición, Mente

Word origin

Middle English (originally as a verb in the sense ‘acknowledge, recognize’, later as a noun): from an Old English compound based on cnāwan (see know).

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