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Knotting – definition


The action or craft of tying knots in yarn to make carpets or other decorative items.

Usage examples:

Off-loom techniques such as macramé and knotting were popular, and shaped weaving was tried.

A preparation applied to knots in wooden boards prior to painting to prevent resin from oozing through, typically consisting of shellac dissolved in methylated spirits.

Usage examples:

In winter it became necessary to place sandbags against the door, and to stuff up the keyhole again…

Fasten with a knot.

Usage examples:

The scarves were knotted loosely around their throats

Make (something, especially hair) tangled.

Usage examples:

The shampoo knotted my hair terribly

Cause (a muscle) to become tense and hard.

Knotting translation into English

Knotting: translate from English into Chinese

Translate knotting into Chinese (Simplified)}
打结, 扣子, 纠缠

Knotting: translate from English into Dutch

Translate knotting into Dutch}
Knopen, Dichtknopen, Aaneenknopen

Knotting: translate from English into French

Translate knotting into French}
Nouer, Attacher, Se marier, Emmêler, S'emmêler

Knotting: translate from English into German

Translate knotting into German}
Verknoten, Knoten, Knüpfen, Binden, Verknüpfen, Schürzen

Knotting: translate from English into Hindi

Translate knotting into Hindi}
बाँध रही, बांधना

Knotting: translate from English into Italian

Translate knotting into Italian}
Annodare, Annodamento

Knotting: translate from English into Korean

Translate knotting into Korean}
매듭, 매다, 묶이다, 끈 따위를 매다, 매듭을 짓다, 매듭짓다

Knotting: translate from English into Russian

Translate knotting into Russian}
Завязывание узлов, Вязка узлов, Бахрома, Подплетина, Грунтовка дерева

Knotting: translate from English into Spanish

Translate knotting into Spanish}

Word origin

Old English cnotta, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch knot .

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