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The meaning of Intermediate


Intermediate – definition


Coming between two things in time, place, character, etc.

Usage examples:

An intermediate stage of development

An intermediate thing.

Usage examples:

Since in evolutionary theory, fully fledged cells had to exist before viruses, the latter are not s…

Act as intermediary; mediate.

Usage examples:

Groups which intermediated between the individual and the state

Being or happening between two other related things, levels, or points

Usage examples:

A student of english at the intermediate level

Intermediate activities or decisions happen during a process, rather than at the beginning or end of it

Usage examples:

The five-month program has been broken down into a series of separate, intermediate goals., fed off…

Intermediate translation into English

Intermediate: translate from English into Chinese

Translate intermediate into Chinese (Simplified)}
中间的, 中间, 中级, 调解

Intermediate: translate from English into Dutch

Translate intermediate into Dutch}
Tussenliggend, Tussenpersoon, Tussenvorm, Overgangsvorm, Tussen-

Intermediate: translate from English into French

Translate intermediate into French}
Intermédiaire, Moyen, Intervenir, De moyenne portée, Ingérer, Jouer le rôle de médiateur

Intermediate: translate from English into German

Translate intermediate into German}
Dazwischenliegend, Zwischen-, Mittlere

Intermediate: translate from English into Hindi

Translate intermediate into Hindi}
मध्यवर्ती, मध्यम, इंटर, बीच का, इंटर व्यक्ति, बीच का व्यक्ति, इंटर पास (व्यति)

Intermediate: translate from English into Italian

Translate intermediate into Italian}

Intermediate: translate from English into Korean

Translate intermediate into Korean}
중간, 중간의, 중간물

Intermediate: translate from English into Russian

Translate intermediate into Russian}
Средний, Промежуточный, Промежуточное звено, Вспомогательный, Посредничать, Вмешиваться

Intermediate: translate from English into Spanish

Translate intermediate into Spanish}
Intermedio, Intermediario, Intermediar

Word origin

late Middle English: from medieval Latin intermediatus, from Latin intermedius, from inter- ‘between’ + medius ‘middle’.

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