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Innocent – definition


Not responsible for or directly involved in an event yet suffering its consequences.

Usage examples:

An innocent bystander

Not involving or intended to cause harm or offence; harmless.

Usage examples:

An innocent mistake

A pure, guileless, or naive person.

Usage examples:

A young innocent abroad

A person involved by chance in a situation, especially a victim of crime or war.

Usage examples:

They are prepared to kill or maim innocents in pursuit of a cause

(of a person) not guilty of a particular crime

Usage examples:

Innocent of he firmly believes that she is innocent of the crime.

Having no knowledge of the unpleasant and evil things in life

Usage examples:

She has such an innocent face that i find it hard to believe anything bad of her.

An innocent person is someone who is not involved with any military group or war

Usage examples:

Innocent bystander several innocent bystanders were injured in the explosion.

(of a thing) not intended to harm anyone

Usage examples:

It was an innocent remark, i didn't mean to hurt his feelings.

A person who has very little experience and does not know about the bad things that happen in life

Innocent translation into English

Innocent: translate from English into Chinese

Translate innocent into Chinese (Simplified)}
清白的, 无辜, 稚子, 戆, 合法的

Innocent: translate from English into Dutch

Translate innocent into Dutch}
Onschuldig, Onschuldige, Onnozel, Schuldeloos, Onschadelijk, Onbedorven

Innocent: translate from English into French

Translate innocent into French}
Innocent, Naïf

Innocent: translate from English into German

Translate innocent into German}
Unschuldig, Harmlos, Schuldlos, Arglos, Jungfräulich, Treuherzig, Scheinheilig, Züchtig, Unabsichtlich, Treu

Innocent: translate from English into Hindi

Translate innocent into Hindi}
मासूम, निर्दोष, बेकसूर, बेगुनाह, निरपराध, भोला, अबोध, सीधा, सरल, निरीह, भोला-भाला

Innocent: translate from English into Italian

Translate innocent into Italian}
Innocente, Candido

Innocent: translate from English into Korean

Translate innocent into Korean}
순결한, 순진한, 없는, 결백한 사람, 해가 없는, 흠없는

Innocent: translate from English into Russian

Translate innocent into Russian}
Невиновный, Невинный, Наивный, Простодушный, Безвинный, Чистый, Безвредный, Безопасный, Простак, Невинный младенец, Доброкачественный, Лишенный, Незлокачественный

Innocent: translate from English into Spanish

Translate innocent into Spanish}
Inocente, Sin culpa, Inculpable, Él sin culpa

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin innocent- ‘not harming’, from in- ‘not’ + nocere ‘to hurt’.

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