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The meaning of Ingrained


Ingrained – definition


(of a habit, belief, or attitude) firmly fixed or established; difficult to change.

Usage examples:

His deeply ingrained catholic convictions

(of dirt or a stain) deeply embedded and thus difficult to remove.

Usage examples:

The ingrained dirt on the flaking paintwork

Firmly fix or establish (a habit, belief, or attitude) in a person.

Usage examples:

They trivialize the struggle and further ingrain the long-standing attitudes

(of beliefs, attitudes, or habits) so established that they are difficult to change

Usage examples:

Saying “thank you” became such a deeply ingrained habit that he never forgot to do it.

Ingrained translation into English

Ingrained: translate from English into Chinese

Translate ingrained into Chinese (Simplified)}

Ingrained: translate from English into Dutch

Translate ingrained into Dutch}
Ingebakken, Ingeworteld, Verstokt

Ingrained: translate from English into French

Translate ingrained into French}
Enraciné, Invétéré, Inébranlable

Ingrained: translate from English into German

Translate ingrained into German}
Tief verwurzelt, Eingefleischt, Fest, Fest verankert, Tief eingewurzelt, Tief eingedrungen, Tief sitzend, Unerschütterlich

Ingrained: translate from English into Hindi

Translate ingrained into Hindi}
दीर्घस्थायी, जमा हुआ, गहराई तक पहुंचा हुआ, जड़ जमा हुआ, जड़ पकड़ लिया, आरोपित हुआ, अंतर्निहित, पक्का, दृढ़, गहरा, जड़ पकड़ा हुआ, बद्धमूल हुआ, स्थायी, पुख्‍ता

Ingrained: translate from English into Italian

Translate ingrained into Italian}
Radicato, Connaturato, Inveterato

Ingrained: translate from English into Korean

Translate ingrained into Korean}
뿌리내린, 깊이 배어든

Ingrained: translate from English into Russian

Translate ingrained into Russian}
Укоренившийся, Закоренелый, Прочно укоренившийся, Застарелый, Врожденный, Проникающий, Въевшийся, Органический, Вкрапленный, Пропитывающий

Ingrained: translate from English into Spanish

Translate ingrained into Spanish}
Arraigado, Teñido en rama

Word origin

late Middle English (originally as engrain in the sense ‘dye with cochineal or in fast colours’): from en-1, in-2 (as an intensifier) + the verb grain. The adjective is from in grain ‘fast-dy

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