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The meaning of Incumbent

Incumbent – definition


Necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility.

Usage examples:

The government realized that it was incumbent on them to act

(of an official or regime) currently holding office.

Usage examples:

The incumbent president was defeated

(of a company) having a sizeable share of a market.

Usage examples:

Powerful incumbent airlines

The holder of an office or post.

Usage examples:

The present incumbent will soon be retiring

(referring to the present time) a person who has a particular office or position, esp. an elected one

Usage examples:

Senator smith, the incumbent, faces a tough fight for reelection next year., [ + to infinitive ] it…

A person or business that holds a particular position in a company, market, industry, etc. at the present time

Usage examples:

The incumbent has been awarded the airline's new advertising contract, despite stiff competition fr…

Incumbent translation into English

Incumbent: translate from English into Chinese

Translate incumbent into Chinese (Simplified)}

Incumbent: translate from English into Dutch

Translate incumbent into Dutch}
Zittend, Predikant

Incumbent: translate from English into French

Translate incumbent into French}
Titulaire, Sortant, En exercice

Incumbent: translate from English into German

Translate incumbent into German}
Amtsinhaber, Obliegend, Amtierend

Incumbent: translate from English into Hindi

Translate incumbent into Hindi}
निर्भर, अवलंबी, पदधारी, अनिवार्य, पदग्राही, आश्रित, अवश्यकरणीय, वृत्ति-भोगी

Incumbent: translate from English into Italian

Translate incumbent into Italian}
Incombente, Obbligatorio

Incumbent: translate from English into Korean

Translate incumbent into Korean}
쑥 내민, 현직의, 기대는

Incumbent: translate from English into Russian

Translate incumbent into Russian}
Действующий, Возложенный, Возлежащий, Лежащий, Налегший всей тяжестью, Лицо, занимающее должность, Священник, имеющий приход

Incumbent: translate from English into Spanish

Translate incumbent into Spanish}
Titular, Obligatorio, Beneficiado, Incumbido, Que le incumbe

Word origin

late Middle English (as a noun): from Anglo-Latin incumbens, incumbent-, from Latin incumbere ‘lie or lean on’, from in- ‘upon’ + a verb related to cubare ‘lie’.

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