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The meaning of Hazarding

Hazarding – definition


Say (something) in a tentative way.

Usage examples:

He hazarded a guess

Put (something) at risk of being lost.

Usage examples:

The cargo business is too risky to hazard money on

A danger or risk.

Usage examples:

The hazards of childbirth

Chance; probability.

Usage examples:

We can form no calculation concerning the laws of hazard

A gambling game using two dice, in which the chances are complicated by arbitrary rules.

Usage examples:

The game of hazard may be played by any number of persons.

(in real tennis) each of the winning openings in the court.


A stroke with which a ball is pocketed.

Usage examples:

In making a short losing hazard into the right top pocket across the head of the board, newman just…

Present participle of hazard

Usage examples:

I wouldn't like to hazard a guess., the policy hazarded the islands and put the lives of the inhabi…

Hazarding translation into English

Hazarding: translate from English into Chinese

Translate hazarding into Chinese (Simplified)}
危险的, 赌运气

Hazarding: translate from English into Dutch

Translate hazarding into Dutch}
In gevaar brengen, Wagen, Riskeren, Ook het spel zetten

Hazarding: translate from English into French

Translate hazarding into French}
Hasarder, Risquer

Hazarding: translate from English into German

Translate hazarding into German}
Riskieren, Aufs spiel setzen

Hazarding: translate from English into Hindi

Translate hazarding into Hindi}
खतरनाक, संकट में डालना, ख़तरा मोल लेना

Hazarding: translate from English into Italian

Translate hazarding into Italian}
Azzardando, Azzardare, Arrischiare, Rischiare

Hazarding: translate from English into Korean

Translate hazarding into Korean}
위험, 위험을 무릅쓰고 하다

Hazarding: translate from English into Russian

Translate hazarding into Russian}
Рисковать, Ставить на карту, Отваживаться, Осмеливаться

Hazarding: translate from English into Spanish

Translate hazarding into Spanish}
Arriesgar, Aventurar, Poner en peligro, Atreverse

Word origin

Middle English (in hazard (sense 3 of the noun)): from Old French hasard, from Spanish azar, from Arabic az-zahr ‘chance, luck’, from Persian zār or Turkish zar ‘dice’.

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