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The meaning of Friction


Friction – definition


The resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another.

Usage examples:

A lubrication system which reduces friction

The force that works against an object as it slides along the surface of another object or moves through a liquid or gas

Usage examples:

A gasoline engine loses over 70 percent of its energy to friction and heat., there’s less friction …

Friction translation into English

Friction: translate from English into Chinese

Translate friction into Chinese (Simplified)}
摩擦, 磨擦

Friction: translate from English into Dutch

Translate friction into Dutch}
Wrijving, Onenigheid, Tegenspraak

Friction: translate from English into French

Translate friction into French}
Friction, Frottement, Désaccord

Friction: translate from English into German

Translate friction into German}
Reibung, Friktion, Reibereien, Reiberei, Missstimmung

Friction: translate from English into Hindi

Translate friction into Hindi}
टकराव, घर्षण, संघर्ष, रगड़, बिगाड़, मालिश, मनमुटाव

Friction: translate from English into Italian

Translate friction into Italian}
Attrito, Frizione, Screzio

Friction: translate from English into Korean

Translate friction into Korean}
마찰, 틈

Friction: translate from English into Russian

Translate friction into Russian}
Трение, Фрикционный, Разногласия, Сцепление, Растирание, Шум, Тереть, Растирать, Иметь разногласия

Friction: translate from English into Spanish

Translate friction into Spanish}
Fricción, Rozamiento, Frotamiento, Frote, Tirantez, Desavenencia

Word origin

mid 16th century (denoting chafing or rubbing of the body or limbs, formerly much used in medical treatment): via French from Latin frictio(n- ), from fricare ‘to rub’.

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