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The meaning of Formality

Formality – definition


The rigid observance of convention or etiquette.

Usage examples:

The formality of life in an english public school

Something done because it follows the usual or accepted way of doing things, although it may not be important

Usage examples:

[ c ] there were only a few legal formalities to be finished, and he would be free to leave the cou…

Something official that must be done before something else can happen or be done

Usage examples:

It is essential to observe all the formalities when setting up a business., complete/go through the…

Formality translation into English

Formality: translate from English into Chinese

Translate formality into Chinese (Simplified)}
形式, 礼节, 拘谨, 拘泥形式

Formality: translate from English into Dutch

Translate formality into Dutch}
Formaliteit, Vormelijkheid

Formality: translate from English into French

Translate formality into French}
Formalité, Solennité

Formality: translate from English into German

Translate formality into German}
Formalität, Förmlichkeit, Steifheit

Formality: translate from English into Hindi

Translate formality into Hindi}
औपचारिकता, प्रचलित नियम, यथाविधि आचार

Formality: translate from English into Italian

Translate formality into Italian}
Formalità, Modalità, Forma

Formality: translate from English into Korean

Translate formality into Korean}
형식, 정식, 틀, 상례, 의례, 형식에 구애됨, 정규의 절차

Formality: translate from English into Russian

Translate formality into Russian}
Формальность, Педантичность

Formality: translate from English into Spanish

Translate formality into Spanish}
Formalidad, Ceremonia, Etiqueta

Word origin

mid 16th century (in the sense ‘accordance with legal rules or conventions’): from French formalité or medieval Latin formalitas, from formalis (see formal).

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