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The meaning of Following


Following – definition


Coming after or as a result of.

Usage examples:

Police are hunting for two men following a spate of robberies in the area

A body of supporters or admirers.

Usage examples:

He attracted a worldwide following

What follows or comes next.

Usage examples:

The following are both grammatically correct sentences

Next in time.

Usage examples:

The following day there was a ceremony in st peter's square

(of a wind) blowing in the same direction as the course of a vessel etc.

Usage examples:

With a following wind, a pilot could easily find his airspeed dropping below stalling speed.

Go or come after (a person or thing proceeding ahead); move or travel behind.

Usage examples:

She went back into the house, and ben followed her

Come after in time or order.

Usage examples:

The six years that followed his restoration

Act according to (an instruction or precept).

Usage examples:

He has difficulty in following written instructions

Pay close attention to.

Usage examples:

I've been following this discussion closely

Practise (a trade or profession).


Coming or happening after something else in order or time

Usage examples:

I’m busy on thursday, but i’m free the following day., the following items were found – a ring, a w…

Following translation into English

Following: translate from English into Chinese

Translate following into Chinese (Simplified)}
下列的, 以下, 下列, 之后, 跟随, 以后, 遵, 顺

Following: translate from English into Dutch

Translate following into Dutch}
Volgend, Leden, Volgeling

Following: translate from English into French

Translate following into French}
Suivant, Après, Suite à, Ceci, Disciples, Arrière

Following: translate from English into German

Translate following into German}
Folgende, Anschluss, Nachfolgend, Folgend, Anlehnung, Anschließend, Befolgung, Einhaltung, Verfolgung, Beachtung, Nächste, Gefolgschaft, Anhang, Andere

Following: translate from English into Hindi

Translate following into Hindi}
निम्नलिखित, अगला, अनुचर, उत्तरगामी, नीचे दिया, अनुगामी, नीचे लिखा

Following: translate from English into Italian

Translate following into Italian}
Seguente, Seguito, Successivo, Consecutivo

Following: translate from English into Korean

Translate following into Korean}
수행원, 이하의 것, 다음의, 순풍의, 하기의

Following: translate from English into Russian

Translate following into Russian}
Следующий, Следующее, После, Нижеследующий, Вслед, Вследствие, Последующий, Следящий, Последователи, Приверженцы, Нижеперечисленный, Попутный

Following: translate from English into Spanish

Translate following into Spanish}
Siguiendo, Siguiente, Partidarios, En popa

Word origin

Old English folgian, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch volgen and German folgen .

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