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The meaning of Followed

Followed – definition


Go or come after (a person or thing proceeding ahead); move or travel behind.

Usage examples:

She went back into the house, and ben followed her

Come after in time or order.

Usage examples:

The six years that followed his restoration

Act according to (an instruction or precept).

Usage examples:

He has difficulty in following written instructions

Pay close attention to.

Usage examples:

I've been following this discussion closely

Practise (a trade or profession).

Usage examples:

She followed a strict diet

Past simple and past participle of follow

Usage examples:

A dog followed us home., she followed me into the kitchen., he had the feeling he was being followe…

Followed translation into English

Followed: translate from English into Chinese

Translate followed into Chinese (Simplified)}
跟随, 遵循, 追随, 跟进, 跟, 随, 跟从, 接着, 循, 遵, 接续, 沿, 伴随, 仿照, 继, 因循, 由, 则, 从, 领会, 因袭, 蹑, 踵, 徇, 皈, 贯, 准, 迪, 适, 沿行

Followed: translate from English into Dutch

Translate followed into Dutch}
Gevolgd, Volgen, Opvolgen, Volgen op, Vervolgen, Nalopen, Handelen volgens, Nazetten, Uitoefenen, Achtervolgen

Followed: translate from English into French

Translate followed into French}
Suivi, Suivre, Poursuivre, Accompagner, Imiter, Comprendre, Longer, Talonner, Suivre l'exemple de qn, Suivre l'exemple, S'ensuivre

Followed: translate from English into German

Translate followed into German}
Gefolgt, Folgen, Befolgen, Verfolgen, Beachten, Nachfolgen, Erfolgen, Anschließen, Einhalten, Nachkommen, Gehorchen, Nachziehen, Einschlagen, Sich anschließen, Verstehen, Mitkommen, Sich ergeben, Nachspüren, Nachstellen, Hinterherkommen, Sich richten nach, Sich anhängen, Sich anlehnen, Sich halten an, Hervorgehen aus

Followed: translate from English into Hindi

Translate followed into Hindi}
पीछा किया, पीछा करना, अनुगमन करना, आशामानना, साथ जाना

Followed: translate from English into Italian

Translate followed into Italian}
Seguito, Seguire, Perseguire, Inseguire, Derivare, Imitare, Conseguire, Tenere, Risultare, Succedere, Accettare, Susseguire, Venire dopo, Praticare

Followed: translate from English into Korean

Translate followed into Korean}
팔로우, 따르다, 좇다, 밟다, 뒤에서 가다, 뒤따르다, ...의 다음에 오다, 따라가다, 따라오다, 눈으로 좇다, 이해하다, 뒤에서 쫓아가다, 잇따라 일어나다

Followed: translate from English into Russian

Translate followed into Russian}
Последовал, Следовать, Следить, Придерживаться, Идти, Сопровождать, Преследовать, Идти за, Провожать, Слушать, Поддерживать, Логически вытекать, Быть последователем, Разделять взгляды, Сменить, Быть преемником, Заниматься

Followed: translate from English into Spanish

Translate followed into Spanish}
Seguido, Seguir, Vigilar, Comprender, Resultar, Seguir sus pasos, Venir después de, Ir, Irse

Word origin

Old English folgian, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch volgen and German folgen .

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