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The meaning of Floundering


Floundering – definition


Struggle or stagger clumsily in mud or water.

Usage examples:

He was floundering about in the shallow offshore waters

A small flatfish that typically occurs in shallow coastal water.

Usage examples:

The study was spurred by previous observations of feminization in estuarine fish, particularly the …

Present participle of flounder

Usage examples:

He lost the next page of his speech and floundered around/about for a few seconds., although his bu…

Floundering translation into English

Floundering: translate from English into Chinese

Translate floundering into Chinese (Simplified)}
挣扎, 辗转

Floundering: translate from English into Dutch

Translate floundering into Dutch}
Spartelend, Ploeteren, Spartelen, Blonderen, Baggeren, Zich aftobben, Worstelen, Knoeien, Hakkelen, Sukkelen

Floundering: translate from English into French

Translate floundering into French}
Patauger, Se bredouiller

Floundering: translate from English into German

Translate floundering into German}
Zappeln, Taumeln, Schwimmen, Sich abzappeln, Sich abstempeln

Floundering: translate from English into Hindi

Translate floundering into Hindi}
लड़खड़ाना, अशुद्धि करना, कीचड़ में तड़फड़ाना, व्यवसाय का बुरा प्रबंध करना

Floundering: translate from English into Italian

Translate floundering into Italian}
Annaspando, Dibattersi, Agitarsi, Fare errori

Floundering: translate from English into Korean

Translate floundering into Korean}
허둥지둥, 발버둥이치다, 허둥거리다, 더듬거리다

Floundering: translate from English into Russian

Translate floundering into Russian}
Барахтающийся, Барахтаться, Путаться, Сбиваться, Двигаться с трудом, Путаться в словах, Говорить с трудом

Floundering: translate from English into Spanish

Translate floundering into Spanish}
Tambaleándose, Debatirse, Patalear, Quedar indeciso, Desconcertarse, No saber que hacer

Word origin

late 16th century: perhaps a blend of founder3 and blunder, or perhaps symbolic, fl- frequently beginning words connected with swift or sudden movement.

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