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The meaning of Fleshing

Fleshing – definition


The removal of the flesh adhering to a skin or hide.

Usage examples:

After fleshing, the hide is soaked again

The distribution of the flesh on an animal.

Usage examples:

She described her champion as a very modern bull with clean, natural fleshing and good locomotion

Put weight on.

Usage examples:

He had fleshed out to a solid 220 pounds

Stimulate (a hound or hawk) to hunt by feeding it a piece of flesh from a recently killed animal.

Usage examples:

I have fleshed my bloodhound

Remove the flesh adhering to (a skin or hide).

Usage examples:

Chemicals remove the hair and preserving salts, and then the hides are fleshed
phrasal verb

To add more detail when describing or explaining something

Usage examples:

Emily should have included these pieces of information to flesh out her argument.

Fleshing translation into English

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Fleshing: translate from English into Dutch

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Vlees maken

Fleshing: translate from English into French

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Étoffer, Retourner, Inciter

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Мездрение, Трико телесного цвета

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Word origin

Old English flǣsc, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vlees and German Fleisch .

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