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The meaning of Exposure

Exposure – definition


The state of having no protection from something harmful.

Usage examples:

The dangers posed by exposure to asbestos

The revelation of something secret, especially something embarrassing or damaging.

Usage examples:

She took her life for fear of exposure as a spy

The action of exposing a photographic film to light.

Usage examples:

A camera which would give a picture immediately after exposure

The direction in which a building faces; an outlook.

Usage examples:

The exposure is perfect—a gentle slope to the south-west

Exposure translation into English

Exposure: translate from English into Chinese

Translate exposure into Chinese (Simplified)}
暴露, 曝光, 曝露, 暴光, 拆穿

Exposure: translate from English into Dutch

Translate exposure into Dutch}
Blootstelling, Belichting, Uitstalling

Exposure: translate from English into French

Translate exposure into French}
Exposition, Pose, Révélation, Dénonciation, Mise à nu, Découverte, Scandale

Exposure: translate from English into German

Translate exposure into German}
Exposition, Belichtung, Aussetzung, Aufdeckung, Enthüllung, Entlarvung, Entblößung, Kältetod, Unterkühlung

Exposure: translate from English into Hindi

Translate exposure into Hindi}
संसर्ग, अनावरण, पहुंचाना, भंडाफोड़, अनावृत्ति

Exposure: translate from English into Italian

Translate exposure into Italian}
Esposizione, Posa, Mostra

Exposure: translate from English into Korean

Translate exposure into Korean}
노출, 발각, 유기, 드러남, 방위, 진열, 접함, 드러내 놓음, 접하게 함, 몸을 드러냄, 공개 석상에 나타남, 패를 보임

Exposure: translate from English into Russian

Translate exposure into Russian}
Экспозиция, Подвергание, Выдержка, Разоблачение, Выставка, Незащищенность, Выставление, Обличение, Вид, Обнажение пластов, Выход пластов, Оставление на произвол судьбы, Местоположение

Exposure: translate from English into Spanish

Translate exposure into Spanish}
Exposición, Exhibición, Revelación, Desenmascaramiento, Acto de exhibicionismo, Dicho

Word origin

early 17th century: from expose, on the pattern of words such as enclosure .

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