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The meaning of Exclusive


Exclusive – definition


Excluding or not admitting other things.

Usage examples:

An exclusive focus on success and making money

Restricted to the person, group, or area concerned.

Usage examples:

The couple had exclusive possession of the flat

Catering for or available to only a few, select customers; high class and expensive.

Usage examples:

One of britain's most exclusive clubs

Not including.

Usage examples:

Prices are exclusive of vat

An item or story published or broadcast by only one source.

Usage examples:

The three media outlets that have broadcast or published exclusives about torture at abu ghraib - c…

Limited to only one person or group of people

Usage examples:

The pool is for the exclusive use of residents of springfield., an exclusive club

Limited to only one person, group of people, or organization

Usage examples:

An exclusive agreement/contract/deal the licence provides the company with an exclusive 12-year agr…

Exclusive translation into English

Exclusive: translate from English into Chinese

Translate exclusive into Chinese (Simplified)}
独家的, 独家, 只, 仅仅, 优, 优势, 独占地, 独占的

Exclusive: translate from English into Dutch

Translate exclusive into Dutch}
Exclusief, Uitsluitend

Exclusive: translate from English into French

Translate exclusive into French}
Exclusif, Choisi

Exclusive: translate from English into German

Translate exclusive into German}
Exklusiv, Ausschließlich, Exklusivinterview, Einzig, Elegant, Exklusivbericht, Vornehm

Exclusive: translate from English into Hindi

Translate exclusive into Hindi}
विशिष्ट, अनन्य, विशेष, केवल, एकमात्र, एकांतिक, मात्र

Exclusive: translate from English into Italian

Translate exclusive into Italian}
Esclusivo, In esclusiva, Di lusso, Ristretto, Chiuso, Costoso, Intero

Exclusive: translate from English into Korean

Translate exclusive into Korean}
독점적인, 독특한, 제외하고, 배타적인 사람, 전문적인, 배제적인, 배타적인

Exclusive: translate from English into Russian

Translate exclusive into Russian}
Эксклюзивный, Исключительно, Исключительный, Особый, Единственный, Не считая, Первоклассный, Отличный, С ограниченным доступом, Недоступный

Exclusive: translate from English into Spanish

Translate exclusive into Spanish}
Exclusivo, Único, Exclusivista

Word origin

late 15th century (as a noun denoting something that excludes): from medieval Latin exclusivus, from Latin excludere ‘shut out’ (see exclude).

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