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The meaning of Erecting

Erecting – definition


Put together and set upright (a building, wall, or other structure).

Usage examples:

The guest house was erected in the eighteenth century

Rigidly upright or straight.

Usage examples:

She stood erect with her arms by her sides

Present participle of erect

Usage examples:

The war memorial was erected in 1950., the soldiers had erected barricades to protect themselves., …

Erecting translation into English

Erecting: translate from English into Chinese

Translate erecting into Chinese (Simplified)}
架设, 直立, 竖起, 竖, 立, 安装, 建, 建设, 兴建, 建筑, 营建, 营造, 高耸

Erecting: translate from English into Dutch

Translate erecting into Dutch}
Oprichten, Zetting

Erecting: translate from English into French

Translate erecting into French}

Erecting: translate from English into German

Translate erecting into German}
Errichten, Aufrichten, Bauen, Aufstellen, Erstellen, Setzen, Erbauen, Montieren, Ziehen

Erecting: translate from English into Hindi

Translate erecting into Hindi}
इरेक्टिंग, खड़ा करना, तामीर करना, सीधा करना

Erecting: translate from English into Italian

Translate erecting into Italian}
Erigere, Innalzare, Alzare, Fondare, Elevare, Rizzare

Erecting: translate from English into Korean

Translate erecting into Korean}
건립, 세우다, 그리다, 서다, 곧추 세우다, 직립시키다, 조립하다, 승격시키다, 정립시키다, 창설하다, 발기시키다, 이룩하다

Erecting: translate from English into Russian

Translate erecting into Russian}
Возведение, Возвести, Воздвигать, Соорудить, Устанавливать, Сооружать, Создавать, Монтировать, Выстраивать, Поднимать, Выпрямлять, Собирать

Erecting: translate from English into Spanish

Translate erecting into Spanish}
Erigiendo, Erigir, Levantar, Construir, Montar, Erguir

Word origin

late Middle English: from Latin erect- ‘set up’, from the verb erigere, from e- (variant of ex- ) ‘out’ + regere ‘to direct’.

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