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The meaning of Enrolled

Enrolled – definition


Officially register as a member of an institution or a student on a course.

Usage examples:

He enrolled in drama school

Enter (a deed or other document) among the rolls of a court of justice.

Usage examples:

The endowment of religious houses cannot be measured simply by the licences enrolled in chancery

Past simple and past participle of enrol uk

Enrolled translation into English

Enrolled: translate from English into Chinese

Translate enrolled into Chinese (Simplified)}
注册, 招收, 录取, 吸收

Enrolled: translate from English into Dutch

Translate enrolled into Dutch}
Ingeschreven, Inschrijven, Registeren, Zich laten inschrijven, Aanmonsteren, Aanwerven, Inrollen, In dienst nemen, Inwikkelen, Oprollen

Enrolled: translate from English into French

Translate enrolled into French}
Inscrit, Inscrire, Enrôler, Recruter, S'inscrire

Enrolled: translate from English into German

Translate enrolled into German}
Eingeschrieben, Einschreiben, Anmelden, Aufnehmen, Sich einschreiben, Sich anmelden, Anwerben, Sich immatrikulieren, Sich einschreiben lassen

Enrolled: translate from English into Hindi

Translate enrolled into Hindi}
दाखिला लिया, नामांकित, भर्ती किया गया, भर्ती हुआ

Enrolled: translate from English into Italian

Translate enrolled into Italian}
Iscritto, Iscriversi, Iscrivere, Registrare, Arruolare, Arruolarsi, Immatricolare, Ingaggiare

Enrolled: translate from English into Korean

Translate enrolled into Korean}
등록, 싸다, 명부에 올리다, 병적에 넣다, 기록하다, 입학절차를 밟다, 입대절차를 밟다, 입대 절차를 밟다

Enrolled: translate from English into Russian

Translate enrolled into Russian}
Зачислен, Регистрировать, Записываться, Вербовать, Вносить в список, Поступать на военную службу, Зачислять в армию, Вступать в члены

Enrolled: translate from English into Spanish

Translate enrolled into Spanish}
Matriculado, Inscribirse, Inscribir, Matricularse, Matricular, Registrar, Alistar, Enrolar, Alistarse, Encartar

Word origin

late Middle English (formerly also as inroll ): from Old French enroller, from en- ‘in’ + rolle ‘a roll’ (names being originally written on a roll of parchment).

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