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The meaning of Dropping

Dropping – definition


Let or make (something) fall vertically.

Usage examples:

The fire was caused by someone dropping a lighted cigarette

Fall vertically.

Usage examples:

The spoon dropped with a clatter from her hand

Make or become lower, weaker, or less.

Usage examples:

He dropped his voice as she came into the room

Abandon or discontinue (a course of action or study).

Usage examples:

The charges against him were dropped last year

Set down or unload (a passenger or goods), especially on the way to somewhere else.

Usage examples:

His mum dropped him outside and drove off to work

(in sport) fail to win (a point or a match).

Usage examples:

The club have yet to drop a point in the second division

Be forced to play (a relatively high card) as a loser under an opponent's higher card, because it is the only card in its suit held in the hand.

Usage examples:

East drops the 10 on the second round

A small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface.

Usage examples:

The first drops of rain splashed on the ground

An instance of falling or dropping.

Usage examples:

They left within five minutes of the drop of the curtain

A delivery.

Usage examples:

I got to the depot and made the drop

A small, round sweet or lozenge.

Usage examples:

A chocolate drop

An earring that hangs down from the earlobe.

Usage examples:

Simple amethyst and diamond drops

A section of theatrical scenery lowered from the flies; a drop cloth or drop curtain.

Usage examples:

Judd's sets consisted of green and blue upstage drops that moved through a number of positions but …

A trapdoor on a gallows, the opening of which causes the prisoner to fall and thus be hanged.

Usage examples:

Warders, standing on planks, invariably flanked the prisoners on the drop

Present participle of drop

Dropping translation into English

Dropping: translate from English into Chinese

Translate dropping into Chinese (Simplified)}
下降, 滴下, 落下, 落下的

Dropping: translate from English into Dutch

Translate dropping into Dutch}
Laten vallen

Dropping: translate from English into French

Translate dropping into French}
Goutte, Largage, Délaissement

Dropping: translate from English into German

Translate dropping into German}
Fallen, Abwurf, Rückläufig, Aufgabe, Rückgängig, Ausstoßung

Dropping: translate from English into Hindi

Translate dropping into Hindi}
छोड़ने, पात, मल, क्षिप्ति

Dropping: translate from English into Italian

Translate dropping into Italian}
Cadere, Lancio

Dropping: translate from English into Korean

Translate dropping into Korean}

Dropping: translate from English into Russian

Translate dropping into Russian}
Падение, Сброс, Сбрасывающий, Беспорядочный

Dropping: translate from English into Spanish

Translate dropping into Spanish}

Word origin

Old English dropa (noun), droppian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to German Tropfen ‘a drop’, tropfen ‘to drip’, also to drip and droop.

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